Thursday, December 5, 2013

Brain Dump

*We took the kids to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops this weekend. Pictures with Santa are free so we just had to take the kids to see Santa. Amelia was so excited and she stayed excited during the 1.5 hour wait but the second that we started to walk up to him, she freaked out. Since we had just waited so long she had to be in the picture and unfortunately, so did I. I cropped myself out because I looked horrible but here was our 2013 picture with Santa.
*We got home and Amelia wanted to sit by Barrett to watch a little TV. I love how she has her hand resting on his sweet! My two kiddos are so stinkin' cute!
*Jason has taken over the bedtime routine with Amelia, mostly because Amelia won't let anyone else read to her at night. She's all about her daddy! I couldn't help but get a picture of these two sound asleep with their feet kicked up. The bedtime routine will hopefully not include falling asleep in the chair before going to bed in the near future. We're thinking it's time to get her in a big girl bed soon and with that will come a new bedtime routine. Daddy is pretty wrapped around this girl's finger so we'll see how things progress.
* Barrett has been so congested and he has developed a nasty cough so the other day Jason was listening to his lungs to make sure that he didn't develop pneumonia. Amelia thought that his stethoscope was pretty awesome and she wanted to check everyone out.
*Santa (HO HO) is a big hit in our house. I guess I should rephrase..Santa's name is a big hit in our house but no one wants to get too close. I saw that Santa had a number you could call...Santa's voicemail picks up and he explains what he has been up to. The first time was traumatizing but Amelia has learned to enjoy the voicemail. HA
*Bath time is such a fun time for our family. Both the kids tend to start getting fussy and whiney after dinner so bath time is pretty much the best thing ever. The adults can listen to giggles and splashes while the kids get clean and enjoy the water.
*The Christmas tree is filled with so much excitement and awe. Amelia decided that the best way to see all the ornaments was to get her stepstool. She loves touching an ornament and hearing what it is and where it came from. A lot of her ornaments are lower so she can take them on and off, which happens A LOT during the day. Experiencing the joys of Christmas through my children's eyes is so much better than I could have ever imagined.
*My mom sent me this picture yesterday while I was working and it read "hard day at work...the house is a disaster LOL"  I'm so thankful for her and her love that she gives to my babies!

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