Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brain Dump

-- Proof that Amelia is everywhere and into everything! Violet is in the process of potty training and it's going pretty good. HA!
-- I can't get enough of my littlest love in his Christmas pajamas. His sweet little smile with his two corner dimples gets me every time!
-- You know you do handprint and footprint crafts WAY too much when Amelia wants her baby to be included in the holiday crafting session. How can I say that 'Cho' can't have her feet documented this season?!
-- I love promoting creativity and seeing the end result from a fun afternoon with Amelia. Notice how some of the gingerbread men have hair bows, some of the women have neck ties and some have some pieces of bows as different wardrobe staples.
--Barrett has been getting so good at tummy time! I love how he looks so strong and proud in the picture. Also notice Amelia on the couch changing another diaper. Cho likes to go potty....A LOT!
--My mom has a birthday tomorrow and I'm so excited to be able to spoil her on her special day. Stay tuned for all the birthday festivities!

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