Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

This Christmas was hands down the best Christmas that we've had and I'm hopeful that the fun and excitement builds with each coming year.
We stayed home this Christmas because of Jason's work schedule and the weather. We have family about 4 hours away but this time of year the weather can be pretty iffy and so can Jason's schedule so we played it safe and didn't make any plans to travel. Jason had been scheduled off Christmas day and then at the last minute he got an email that said he got an academic day on Thursday, which is a day off to "study", and then they were giving him Friday off too so he had a lot of time off with the family!! 
Before bed on Christmas Eve, we made reindeer food to sprinkle in the yard and cookies for Santa. I don't think Amelia really understood why we were making cookies or sprinkling glittered oatmeal in the yard but she had fun doing all the preparations for Santa's big arrival.
Once we put the kids to bed, we had to make sure that the main present was correctly assembled and in working order. Sometimes Santa needs to be double checked. My goodness the number of parts and sticker decals.... slightly overwhelming.

On a side note:
We've always said that we didn't want our kids to get too much or to lose focus of the real meaning of Christmas so we agreed that we'll get them three presents. Three presents were given to Jesus from the wise men (gold, frankincense and myrrh) so we think that three is wonderful number for our kids. We also don't set a price range on the three presents (obviously...look at the monster car) but we really try to get them things that are practical, yet entertaining and exciting!

Anyway...back to our Christmas post!
Here was our view before heading to bed on Christmas Eve. I love how the picture says so much about our family and this stage that we are in.
--No ornaments (especially breakable ones) where little hands can grab them
--Fun, kid-friendly wrapping paper (who needs fancy schmancy paper?!)
--A powerized car for Amelia to take on our walks and to her friends' house.
All the adults were up, showered and ready for the day LONG before the kids decided to wake up. Waiting for them to get up was brutal...I even contemplated an accidental wake up call through the monitor system. Don't worry, I didn't! 
Once the kids woke up, the fun and excitement was contagious. Amelia came running down the hallway to see all of her presents and immediately searched for Barrett so she could tell him Good Morning. I have the sweetest video of her running and squealing down the hall but before tearing into her presents, she runs to see her brother. Priceless!
We also told a shortened version of Jesus' birth and we put baby Jesus in his manger before we started sorting presents and opening all of them.

On a side note:
We like the nativity scenes that have a baby Jesus that can be taken out of his manger. Baby Jesus doesn't go in his manger until Christmas morning...he's in a safe hiding place until then. Christmas morning is when we put Jesus in the manger.

Amelia loved opening all of her (and Barrett's) presents. I loved to watch her start opening each package slow and with caution until she saw a glimpse of the gift inside and then she went into hyperactive mode until there wasn't one piece of wrapping paper on her present.
We had to direct her a couple of times because she wanted to open and play with the present as soon as she opened it...I can't really say I blame her!  She got some fun presents!
Her most favorite present was her beep beep but I'm not really sure what Santa was thinking.
Amelia (and Cho) were really great at pushing the gas pedal but steering, watching the road, paying attention and all the other things needed to safely drive weren't so great.
We eventually just turned the wheel all the way to the right so when she hit the gas pedal, she would go in a big circle. It worked and she thought she was big stuff. Hopefully this summer, she figures how to steer and push the gas so we can take walks to the park in her cool ride.
We ended the day with naps with Daddy, a yummy Christmas dinner and lots of time playing with new toys.
As low key as our Christmas was, it's just what our little family needed. I love that we had a day full of fun and laughter with the kids as we celebrated the birth of our Savior, Jesus.

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