Friday, December 20, 2013

Growing Too Fast

I wanted to document the words that Amelia is saying right's crazy how her vocabulary has grown over the last couple of months.
Lay Back
Honey (when she's making tea at her kitchen set, she'll ask you if you want honey)
Jesus (pronounced Jess)
Hide (she loves to hide and then have someone yell her name and 'search' for her)
Beau (her neighbor friend)
I'll do (anytime she wants to do something by herself)
Bear Bear (her name for her brother)
Chocolate Milk (pronounced Choc Milk)
Butter (pronounced Burr)
Ho Ho (her name for Santa)
Water (pronounced Wa Wa)
Hold Please (pronounced Hold Peas and she says it anytime she wants picked up)
Draw (when she wants to write with an ink pen on a piece of paper)
Ms. B, Bobby, Yaya (Elijah), Jack, A (Ava)
Nannie (what she calls my mom)
Paw Paw
Muzzy (pronounced Muz)
Sorry  (pronounced Sowey)
Choo Choo
Cow  (pronounced Jow)
Car (pronounced Jar)
High (usually referring to airplanes/helicopters)
Harold (what she calls all airplanes/helicopters--the helicopter on Thomas the Train is named Harold)
Pink (her favorite color)
It's Okay (pronounced It's K)
Cheese  (her word for mac-n-cheese, cottage cheese, regular sliced or shredded cheese)
People (pronounced Peo--we all say that Daddy's at work to help people and she nods her head and says people)
Remote (pronounced mote)

I know there are a lot of words that I missing right now but I'm drawing a blank. Amelia is repeating just about anything she hears so she's really learning a lot of words!
Not only is she talking a lot but she's also learning and comprehending so, so much!
She knows her body parts: hair, eyes, nose, ears, lips, teeth, tongue, elbow, arm, fingers, nails, belly, belly button, legs, knees, toes, feet, bottom

She comprehends what she hears and most times she will act out the directions that she has been given.
:::For example, she'll hear us talk about giving Barrett a bath and she will come into the living room with a wash cloth; she'll hear us talk about feeling sick to our stomach and she will come over and give a sad face and try to look at our stomachs; We'll be in the kitchen complaining about the TV volume and she will go in the living room to get the remote; When the phone rings and she sees Daddy, she runs to the gate because she knows he's coming home; I can make a comment about needing to pump and she will run to get the pump bottles and sit down on the couch by my pump and act like she needs to pump her boo boos; the list goes on and on

It's so hard to believe that our little lady is just two months away from being TWO YEARS OLD. She never ceases to amaze me!

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