Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Morning Delay

While we slept last night, the snow turned to freezing rain and ice. The roads were pretty nasty and slick this morning so I was on a two hour delay. I didn't have to go into work until 10:30, which was wonderful! Jason is on night call today so he had all morning at the house, which was also wonderful! Amelia woke up and immediately asked for the snow but she didn't realize that the snow was covered with a crunchy layer of ice. No matter how much we tried telling her, she wanted to get bundled up and go outside to play and sled in the snow.
Once we made a path in the crunchy ice, we could get up and down the hill a little better. She definitely gained a little more speed this is slicker than plush snow!
Once we got chilled to the bone, we came inside to some hot cocoa. We enjoyed our cocoa and then started coloring. Notice her baby on her coloring book (she was coloring with Amelia) and then when she got tired of coloring with Amelia, she had the Bumbo to sit in. Amelia is getting where she is really starting to use imagination when she plays and it's so cute to watch.
Barrett woke up as I was walking out the door so I had to snap a picture of him in his Christmas pajamas. He still has that startled/sleepy look on his face and his ear is being pushed out by the head pillow but he still looks so dang sweet.
Being able to spend a little bit more time with the family this morning was so nice. A little extra family time this morning was the perfect start to the week.
Happy Monday!

**Happy Birthday to Grandma Sue (Jason's step-mom) and Grandpa Alvie (my dad). We love you guys!

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