Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Monthly Updates: Month Three

Barrett Albert,
You are one of the most loveable and happy little boys. Your smile lights up the room and draws so much attention from everyone that is around you. Amelia showers you with love, hugs and kisses on a daily basis and you are in awe of her anytime she is nearby.
The last month has been a little more manageable...your acid reflux is SO much better and I think we're slowly getting used to having two kids and how much fun the chaos can be! 
You're such an amazing little boy and we love you to the moon and back!

Here are some special highlights for your THIRD month:

Weight: 14 pounds 6 ounces (79%)
Height: 23.7 inches (48%)
Clothing Size: You're in mostly 3-6 month clothes but we've started putting you in 6 month clothes and they seem to fit you just fine. You're hot-natured so the fleece pajamas and the super warm outfits don't really get worn that much because you get upset when you get too warm.
Diapers: You are in Huggies size 2 diapers but we recently just discovered that the Target brand fit you so much better and they are so much cheaper so we will be switching.
Feeding: You eat a 5 ounce bottle when we wake up and before bed. The rest of the time you are eating every 2.5-3 hours and you are eating 4 ounce bottles. I still nurse you a little bit, especially if I'm home, you're hungry and it's time to pump! I enjoy nursing you but sometimes you don't want to nurse to want to nurse for comfort. You get so upset when you just want to suck and not eat...Mommy's boo boo's don't work like that.
Hair/Eyes: Your eyes are still the prettiest shade of blue. I hope that they stay blue like your Daddy's eyes. Your hair is more like peach fuzz but the little amount you have is light brown. You have cradle cap right now so we're working hard to get it under control.
Sleep: We started sleep training on November 30, 2013 and the first couple of nights were rough but each consecutive night got better and better. You now go to sleep around 7:15/7:30p and you sleep all night! Some nights you will fuss around 3am but you quickly settle down and fall back asleep. Most days you are up for the day around 6:30am. Not only is the night time getting better but you are so much happier and content during the day.

-You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and you enjoyed watching the Thanksgiving parade.
-You started sleep training on Saturday, November 30,2013
-You are constantly smiling and cooing.
-You have the cutest little dimples by the corner of your mouth, which can be seen when you smile and while you eat.
-You love your sister. You can be crying and you'll immediately stop if Amelia starts dancing or talking to you.
-You've started scooting around in your crib. You're a back sleeper but you somehow manage to kick off and get turned sideways in your crib at night...silly boy!
-You are a water baby...the bath tub is your happy place.
-You experienced your first snow on December 8, 2013--you enjoyed it from inside the house.
-You rolled over from belly to back on December 10, 2013 and you had an audience that was cheering for you!
-You have definitely found your hands! They are always in your mouth, accompanied by a lot of drool.
-You've had your first ear infection and your first round of antibiotics.
-You can find the TV from anywhere in the room. The noise and the lights really mesmerize you!
-Our night time routine is still going really well but the last 45 minutes leading up to your bath and your bottle can be a little brutal.
-You love to have someone pull you from laying down to the sitting up position and you'll occasionally straighten your legs to try and stand.

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