Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snow Day

Tuesday I got to enjoy my first, and probably my last, snow day of 2013. Fingers crossed that 2014 brings a few more our way!
We got two work delay emails yesterday, which ultimately resulted in a two-hour work day from the warmth of my living room.
As soon as I got the first email that said we were delayed until noon, I immediately talked Amelia into bundling up with me and going to go outside in the snow. She didn't require too much persuasion, she loves being outside.
After some sled riding and a few strolls up and down the sidewalk in her car, she decided that she wanted to help shovel the sidewalk and the driveway. A 20 minute job turned into a 45 minute job with an extra set of hands helping but I love her eager spirit and desire to help out.

The rest of the day was spent inside....playing, crafting, eating and exploring the Advent train. She has learned that each door opens and behind each door is a piece of candy. We had to empty all the drawers because she was eating too much candy (she wasn't very good at only opening the door that corresponded with the date) so this was her face when she opened one of the doors to find a piece of candy.
Nap time is something that I'm not home a lot for so I took full advantage and slept with my little man in my arms. So snuggly and warm...perfect napping conditions.
Amelia and Jason napped in her room...HA!  They napped in her room because Barrett didn't act like he was going to take a nap so they needed to be in a quiet room.
We ended the day with another trip outside to play in the snow and a nice warm meal that had been cooking in the Crock-Pot all day. The snow had pretty much melted by the time that we woke up on Wednesday morning so I'm glad that we had a full day to enjoy it as much as possible.
Snow days are just as much as an adult as they were when I was a little girl!

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