Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Days Leading Up To Christmas In Pictures

Just some snapshots of the kids on the days before Christmas....I'm so glad that I was able to have so much time off with them!

Barrett is really starting to smile a lot...he's such a happy little man! He also scratched the skin above his eye--dang kid!
Amelia got a bean box from Auntie E and she loved it. She isn't suppose to be sitting in it but it kept her quiet and entertained for awhile so...
Even though the bean box was a hit, the box that it came in was even more entertaining for her. She loved that box and those packing peanuts.
Bath time is so much fun...both of the kids love their bath time. We still bathe Barrett on the kitchen countertop because he likes to straighten his legs and try to stand up in the bath and being at his level helps hold him in a little bit better.
We took the dogs for a walk and the fresh air, even though it was cold, was definitely needed and appreciated.
I took a picture of these two before church and I think that it shows the perfect interaction between Amelia and her little brother. She loves on him and he has really started to coo and smile back at her.
Please ignore the background mess...the rooms in our house seem to be getting smaller and smaller.
Daily naps were taken (mostly in her Dora pajamas) while holding Cho. She also decided to take a nap with a picture of Brock. She has a picture book of her friends and family and she's been fascinated with the pictures and carrying them around. She misses her cousins more than they know.
The birdfeeder needs filled a lot and Amelia loves to help her Daddy. If you look closely you can see that we shared our gingerbread house with the birds, the tiny chipmunk and the rabbit that lives on our hill.

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