Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Second Time Around

Sleep training is just as horrible the second time around, if not worse, than the first time. Barrett is 11 weeks today so we knew the dreaded training was getting closer with each passing day. On Saturday night we did our normal routine like we had done for the previous 10 1/2 weeks...bath, lotion, bottle and bed. We started the routine at the same time, 7:15pm, but when we tried to lay him in bed, he wasn't having it. I picked him back up, calmed him down and tried again....THREE MORE TIMES. He decided this was the night to boycott his bed, swing and anywhere else other than in our arms.
Finally at 9:00pm, we decided that it was time to sleep train. We didn't start sleep training because we were frustrated but because we knew he was ready and each night that we put him down we knew we were delaying the inevitable. He was growing at a great pace, he wasn't getting the necessary amount of sleep during the night and he needed some sort of routine and was time.
Here is a little bit of a recap during our sleep training process the second time around:
Night One:
We put Barrett down in bed drowsy but not asleep around 9:15pm on Saturday, November 30, 2013. He immediately started moving his arms and legs all crazy and started to fuss. He had spurts where he would calm down by sucking his fingers or his hand (we have a video monitor) but he never got comfortable enough to go to sleep. He cried and cried and it was so heartbreaking. I knew the second I would go in to calm him, without picking him up, he would get worked up again and I would cave in so I opted to not go in. We finally went in to get him around 4:30am, which is really early but I'm okay with 5am (or later) being my wake up call. Surprisingly, he wasn't super hungry. We actually had to encourage him to eat his morning bottle. The rest of the day, he was so exhausted that he pretty much slept during anything. He usually stirs pretty easily but not on Sunday...little man was tired.
Night Two:
We started bedtime routine around 6:30pm and he was in bed by 7:15pm. I was pretty sick to my stomach leading up to bedtime because I didn't want a repeat of the first night. Surprisingly he fussed, not cried, for about 20 minutes and then he was asleep. Every time I was up to pump or to check the monitor, our little man was still and sleeping. I know he had a few episodes that were rough but he slept more than he cried and that was a huge improvement from the night before.
Night Three:
We started bedtime routine around 6:30pm and he had to have a breathing treatment after his bath (the kids can't seem to beat their colds). He was in bed by 7:20pm and he didn't cry or fuss. He was a little bit fidgety but about 10 minutes later I looked in the monitor and he was asleep. He cried for a little bit around 1:00am and then again at 3:00am. He was up at 5:00am for the day. Another day down...getting better with each night.
Night Four:
We started bedtime routine around 6:30pm and he was in bed by 7:30pm. He went to bed a little later (we try to get him in bed in between 7:15-7:30) because he was having a hard time breathing. He went straight to sleep. No fidgeting, no fussing and most importantly no crying. He slept good all night but then at 3am, he had a good crying fit. He calmed down but never really went back to sleep before we went in to get him for the day at 4:30am.

After four nights, we're definitely moving in the right direction. I think that we will have to keep things structured and keep up with our routine for a couple of months so that he is familiar with the bedtime routine. Sleep training is so hard but I think that for us, it's necessary. I'm so happy to be in a routine (almost).

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