Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning we had a fun activity planned for the kids...painting with Santa. Crafts, especially painting, are something that we do a lot in our house and I thought that Amelia would love to paint and Barrett would love to watch all the action.
When we got to the painting studio, there were plates with Santa's handprint and a reindeer ornament at each seat. Amelia could hardly contain her excitement. She kept touching the plate and patting it with her sweet!
Santa came out and read The 12 Days of Christmas to the kids and then we sang the song to go along with the story. Amelia immediately said "Hold, please" as soon as Santa came out. She still isn't a fan but there weren't any tears so we had a little bit of an improvement from the last time we saw Santa.
Our Santa was pretty pitiful...he definitely should have went to Santa school before coming and talking to the kids. Once Santa finished his story and we finished the song, it was time to start our painting projects. One of Santa's helpers came around and painted each of the kids' hands to be added to the plate. Amelia did so good...she definitely knows how to make some awesome handprint art!

We added Barrett's footprint instead of his handprint because he still keeps his hands pretty tightly closed. He loved how the paint felt on his feet...he kept wiggling his toes around.
Here is our plate before it had all the finishing touches added on it and before it went into the kiln. It will be finished on Friday so I'll be sure to post the finished product but I have a feeling it's going to be super cute!!
Once the Santa plate was done, it was time for Amelia to pick her paint colors and for her to paint her reindeer ornament. She requested pink when asked what paint color she would like so she got pink, brown, red and green. She loved painting her ornament...her reindeer will have a pink nose!!
She had a great morning painting with Santa and decorating some sugar cookies. She loves crafting but I think the highlight of the morning was watching all the other kids. She was amazed by them and their energy! 
When we came home, we had a relaxing rest of the day planned. The storm Electra was scheduled to hit around 2pm on Saturday afternoon so we knew that we wanted to get home and get settled in before things got too bad.
Amelia did a little reading with her baby in Barrett's room. Barrett's books are filled with boy things--trucks, tractors, diggers and most of them are touch-n-feel. Amelia LOVES to read them. She was reading the books to Cho and having her feel the different areas of the books when I snuck in to get a picture.
Not really sure where Amelia got the name Cho for her baby...we thought she was trying to say something else but she seems pretty certain that her name is Cho.
I had a work event later on Saturday evening which Jason accompanied me to because of the snowy weather. Before we left for the event, we set Amelia up with some snow so her and Cho could play.
We stayed at my work event for about 3 hours and then decided that we should get home so we left the event early. Here was our drive home...the roads hadn't been plowed and it was pretty nasty out!
We ended up getting about 4 inches of snow with about 1/8 inch of ice on top. The next morning the roads were clear but they were pretty slick during the actual storm.
Sunday is usually our day to be lazy and to get ready for the work week. We had a great morning and afternoon (nap included) and then we got ready for our first Christmas party.
Amelia wanted to nap with Cho...isn't she the sweetest?!
The Christmas party was at a friend's house and the whole family was invited. We were hesitant, at first, to take both the kids but I'm so glad that we did. They both were so good!  Amelia had a lot of little friends to play with and Barrett enjoyed watching all the older kids play.
I wish that I would have gotten some pictures at the party...opps! 

NINE more days until Christmas!!

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