Thursday, January 23, 2014

22 Months & 23 Months

22 Months
-You now say "Hold Me Please" when you want to be picked up
-You want to sit in the kitchen sink and play in the water while we give Barrett a bath on the counter
-You twist and play with your hair, especially when you are sleepy
-You talk about Santa (HO HO) all the time but you weren't too happy to get a picture with him
-You have a great memory. You'll often tell us stories of things that happened weeks ago and we totally had forgotten about. Your stories often included noises, actions and some words. We can often put all of that together and figure out what you are trying to tell us.
-You've started putting your shoes on and no matter how long it takes, you're determined to do it all by yourself
-You can also put on your pants by yourself. We have to remind you to put the tag in the back and to put one leg all the way in before starting the next leg, but you put them on!
-You puked for the first time on the morning of December 4th. I think you got choked during a crazy coughing fit and it just worked up a lot of your dinner.
-You had your first haircut, or partial hair cut on Tuesday, December 3rd. Mommy learned that she is NOT a beautician...I'm sorry!
-You can work an iPhone or an iPad like a pro. You have your own folders for your things but we'll often catch you looking through all of the pictures.
-You experienced your first snow of 2013 on December 8th. You loved to play in the snow and go sled riding.
-You've started getting in your two year molars and you have realized that you can yank on your teething necklace so you don't get to wear it anymore. Teething without the necklace is NO fun!
-You've named your baby--your sweet little blue eyed baby doll has been given the name Cho. Not really sure where you got this name from but you assure us that you are saying Cho and not something else.
-You went to your first Christmas party at Ava's house and you did really good. The night ended with you decorating your own sugar cookie.
-You've learned to shrug your shoulders when asked a question
-Your favorite song right now is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

23 Months
-Kiss on command...they are definitely the sweetest kisses
-You put your shirt on by yourself on December 31,2013
-You are obsessed with cows (you call them moo-cows) and barns.
-You can peel your own clementines (Cutie brand)
-You are boycotting want to drink out of bottles and cups without them.
-You can jump where both your feet come off the ground
-You sleep with your blanket or blankets every night. I think you're up to 4 in your bed
-You have started sleeping on a pillow at bed time even though you don't always stay on it, you like it in your bed. 
-You have definitely taken on the role of "Mommy" with Barrett. Anytime he needs a diaper, a bottle, a bath, etc, you think that you need to be the one that helps him.
-You request who you want to get you out of bed. Most of the time it's Daddy but he's already at work so you stay in your bed until you call out for Mommy (or Nannie). Sometimes you will sit and read (and pout) in your bed for 15 minutes until you are okay with someone other than Daddy getting you up.
-You love to be chased down the hall and into your room. You are a pretty quick little runner!
-You request a "bite" almost every night before bed. You love your late night snacks.
-You went to your first music show at the Hershey Theatre (Elmo Makes Music)
-You had your first, of many, Daddy/Daughter dates.
-You want to go outside (wrapped in a blanket) at night and look at the moon. Mommy and Daddy always tell you that they "love you to the moon and back" so you enjoy looking at the moon.
-You say "it's all right" or "it's okay" when you spill something or when you think you might get in trouble.
-Books are your passion. You constantly read to Cho and to Barrett.
-You constantly are pulling the handle on the recliner so the feet kick up and the chair reclines back.
-You ride the arm of the recliner like it's your horse.
-You are starting to throw your leg up and over the side of your bed so we decided that it was time to promote you to a big girl bed.
-You slept in your big girl bed for the first time on January 19, 2013. You went to bed great and slept until your usual 6:30am.
-You will now come up and give hugs and kisses without being asked. It's so sweet!
-You had your first ear infection on January 21, 2014

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