Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Candid Moments

Before work this morning, I snapped some pictures of the kids on my way out the door. Amelia wasn't dressed properly (or at all--girlfriend loves to be naked) so I got some sweet pictures of my blue-eyed boy!
Getting his attention for a picture is pretty easy because he loves to look at my phone. Something is so captivating about phones at this age.
Once he realizes that he's on camera, he starts to show off a little. He smiles, coos and knows that he's such a big boy! The second picture is him telling Mommy how good he is...can't you tell?

Then he finds his hands and everything else is forgotten. Just like that he directs all of his attention to his hands...he is constantly gnawing and slobbering on his hands.

I love capturing these sweet candid moments!

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