Friday, January 3, 2014

Conway Family Update

With the craziness that the last months have brought to our life, I realized that I haven't done a family update in awhile. I usually update on the kids but the rest of the family gets a little neglected.
Here you go:

Jason (or as Amelia would say: Daddy):
Daddy Conway is rapidly approaching the end of his 3rd year of residency. He will start his 4th, and final, year in July 2014. He has decided that he would like to specialize in anesthesiology so we've just finished applying to about 8 different hospital programs throughout the country that have the specialty program that he's interested in. Interview season for his fellowship starts mid-January so we're hoping to get some positive feedback from a few of these fellowship programs. If he doesn't get into a fellowship program then he'll start searching for general anesthesiology jobs. If he gets a fellowship spot, then we'll know where we are moving for his fellowship in June 2014.
He's also been nominated for Chief resident starting his 4th year. His department will vote on the top 4 and then the faculty will choose 2 from that list to be Co-Chief for the Anesthesiology department. He should know something by the first of February...fingers crossed. If he gets co-chief with one of his classmates, he'll get to take a week long mission to do surgery on cleft lips/palates on young children. He would LOVE to do this! He's working long hours (certain months are worse than others) but he's doing it for his family and for that we're very grateful!

Ashley (or as Amelia would say: Mommy):
Mommy Conway is still working full-time as an Assistant Director at a University in the area. This year will be her 3rd year, which is a year longer than any other place that she's lived the past because of all the moves during medical school. She is part of a Leadership Development team and is working on some larger projects for the University. She tries to spend as much time with the kids before work and before bed but has learned that it isn't the amount of time but the quality of time. Pumping for 20 minutes, 5 times a day, can be a little demanding but worth it so her little man can get the benefits from the breast milk even though she isn't home to nurse. She has already been researching future homes (for fellowship and after) so when the time comes, the transition isn't too crazy and hectic. She is kept busy with work, clipping fingernails, making late night snacks, grocery shopping, bills and anything else that needs to be handled. Most days she doesn't know if she's coming or going but she wouldn't change it for the world.

Amelia (or as Amelia would say: Mil):
The oldest Conway is 22.25 months old and she is learning new words and trying new things every day. She loves Barrett and nurturing him with love, hugs and kisses throughout the day. She stays at home with Nannie three days a week and she goes to Ms. Bs two days a week. She is loved and taken care of by some of the best while Mommy and Daddy work. Amelia is such an independent little girl. She insists to try things on her own before getting any help from an adult. She has started showing more of an interest in going on the potty and helping with most of the house chores. Amelia loves to play outside (regardless of the temperature), she is drawn to water (any amount), she loves to craft, dance and sing to any music that comes on the radio. Our little girl is so amazing and her excitement for life is contagious.

Barrett (or as Amelia would say: Bear Bear):
The youngest Conway is 3.5 months old and he is getting such a personality. He is such a happy and smiley little boy. He loves to smile, coo and laugh as he follows his sister and pups around the room. He can be upset and the second Amelia starts talking to him, he will calm down. One of his favorite things to do is to be pulled to the sit-up position and then he'll straighten his legs to stand. Standing up makes our little guy feel so proud of himself! He doesn't realize that he's only 3.5 months old...he thinks he is much older.  He loves playing with all his toys, napping with classical music playing in the background, sitting in his highchair during dinner, kicking and splashing during bath time and sleeping in his own room. Our sweet boy will be starting school at Ms. Bs two days a week starting in April 2014. He loves watching his sister so I know he will LOVE all the kids at school. He is such a wonderful addition to our family and he brings so much joy to our family.

Bazzle (or as Amelia would say: Bah-Wel):
The oldest Conway pup is 11.5 years old and the white hair on his face is the only thing that shows his age. He still runs around the house like he owns it and claims the big comfy chair and soft blanket as his own. He's had a few mornings with stiff legs but he always seems excited to go out for his morning walk. He's still addicted to food and begs for it during all times of the day. He loves Amelia, especially when she's eating, and he follows her throughout the house. Amelia can clap her hands and call for him and Bazzle comes running...he loves her! He is so good with the kids. They can literally beat him up (accidentally) and he doesn't even bat an eye. He sleeps in bed with Daddy and Mommy-under the covers and usually between the two. Bazzle loves going on walks, laying in the sun, soft blankets, food and running through the house.

Muzzy (or as Amelia would say: Muh):
The youngest Conway pup is 9.75 years old and he has been fairly healthy over the last few months. He has had seizures ever since we lived on the island but he has been seizure free for 3-4 months...thanks to medicine and a protein-free diet. Muzzy keeps more to himself...the kids stress him out so he keeps his distance. He can usually be found sleeping on top of the couch and barking at the mailman and anyone that walks in front of our house. He still has to be encouraged to take his medicine and to eat each morning. He's such a picky eater--if his bowl isn't on the soft rug, then he won't eat. Muzzy loves the sun, having his belly rubbed, walks around the block and racing Amelia through the house.

We are extremely blessed and we are excited to see what God has in store for our family in the upcoming year.

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