Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally Friday!

*Thank goodness today is Friday. This week went by so slow but my days were so busy I didn't know if I was coming or going. Definitely going to use this weekend to love on my babies and to get prepared for future weeks. Preparation is key to decrease the amount of chaos!
*Amelia has become quite the little photographer. I just deleted 119 pictures of Barrett, Cho and her Daddy's foot but there was one picture that didn't make the cut. How adorable is this picture of Bear?
*Breakfast entertainment at our house. Barrett can barely see his sister over all of his toys that she brought him.
*Have I mentioned how addicted my child is to water? She begs to stand at the sink and wash dishes, play with Barrett's bottles and wash her hair. I have to fill up our soap dispenser every other day because sister thinks that more is better.

*Tomorrow morning Jason is taking Amelia on a date. They are going to see Elmo Makes Music and I'm not sure who is more excited. Can't wait to hear all about their time at the theatre!
*No Amelia means a Saturday morning full of grocery shopping and cleaning...wish me luck!

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