Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Late Night Snacking

Late night snacks have become Amelia's all-time favorite excuse for not going to bed. Yes, she probably is hungry because she picks at her plate during dinner time but she's also a master at working the system. Sister knows after bath time when the lights get dimmed that it's almost bed time so she starts asking for a bite. Amelia is her name and delaying the inevitable is her game!

We go into the kitchen and she skims the cupboards and the refrigerator until she finds the perfect late night snack. Most nights it's an orange or a slice or turkey but last night she needed a little more.
Last night she requested a bowl of Special K with red berries in an adult sized, glass bowl. She thinks she's too big for colorful plastic bowls now that she is almost two.
She would take a bite of cereal and then take a big drink of milk from the side of the bowl. She requested that I take a picture. Important milestones like these must be documented!

Spending an extra 20 minutes each evening enjoying an evening snack is going to be something that I miss when Amelia gets older and decides that she doesn't need to be loved on before bed.
We are enjoying these nightly late night snacking sessions with our girl!

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