Thursday, January 23, 2014


My niece, Ana, had her Sadie Hawkins dance on Friday night and I loved getting all the pictures of her in her beautiful dress. How is it possible that the sweet little girl that I lived with through college is already 16!
She is such an amazing girl...inside and out!

Amelia wanted Bazzle in her stroller the other evening and Bazzle didn't seem to mind one bit. She made sure to buckle him up before she pushed him around the living room. These two are inseparable!

Birthday party preparations are occurring during our free time and this weekend we were able to get her bean bag toss done. Amelia painted the box after I cut out a front hole and painted the whole box grey. I had a lot of bright colors for her to use on her box but she preferred to mix them all together and make a brownish/grey color. It took a lot of self control to not jump in and urge her to color it differently.
The finished product turned out pretty cute and I know that the kids will love playing with it during her birthday party.

My chunky little monkey is already 4 months old. He's getting such a fun little personality and I absolutely love to see it grow with each passing week!

After church, we drove the car through the car wash. With all the snow and the salt on the roads, our cars are filthy. Amelia got out of her car seat during the wash...she thought she was so big!

We were coloring one day and the sun was too intense so she decided to wear her sunglasses. She looked so sweet coloring her papers while wearing her glasses.
Barrett started eating rice cereal for dinner this week. He did really well with the spoon and he continues to get better with each feed.

I was off of work for MLK day and we decided to get out of the house and go to Chocolate World. Amelia was so excited to see the dancing/singing cows on the chocolate tour.

Amelia has been so sick this week and she asked her daddy to hold her during nap time. I had to take a picture of my sweet hubby holding on to his little lady. She is a Daddy's girl through and through!

Barrett loves his jumper exersaucer! He's always smiling when he gets in his jumper and he feels like such a big boy.

Amelia went to the doctor yesterday for flu-like symptoms and we found out that she has an ear infection. She had to wear a hospital gown at the clinic because they needed to do a full body inspection. She got medicine and we're hopeful that it kicks in soon and she gets feeling better.

When we got home from her doctor's appointment, Amelia said she was tired and she went and laid down in her bed and fell asleep.

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