Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Days After Christmas In Pictures

Here are some pictures from the days after Christmas until I had to go back to work on January 2nd. We are so blessed...these pictures are perfect evidence to support that statement.

Our kid refuses to get in her stroller until she feels she has had a good workout...she loves to walk and push her stroller.
The latest thing...Amelia wants to feed Barrett his bottle all. by. herself. She's also a free bird and she prefers to wear nothing more than a diaper..silly girl.
Tummy time is so much fun when an older sister is cheering you on...these two make me so happy!
Barrett refuses to lay back on his lounger...he pulls himself to a sit up so he can look around.
Our beautiful little girl that loves to shake her maracas and sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Bear Bear is getting too big...too fast! Those blue eyes and that smile have stolen Mommy's heart!

Selfie fun. How is it that an almost two year old can work an iPhone better than most adults?!
Walking the dogs with Nannie but insisting she can handle Bazzle and Muzzy at the same time only using one hand. 
New Years Eve excitement...sleepy boy and reading her favorite Highlight books to Cho.

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