Thursday, February 27, 2014

M Is For Music: Part 3

Yesterday was a little chaotic. Does anyone else feel like their mornings are so hectic and crazy?!  Trying to get bags together, lunches packed, dressed and out the door on time seems to be a major challenge in our household. I try to do things in the evening before bed but I dropped the ball Tuesday evening!
Regardless, we had a full morning! Amelia had her 2 year check-up at 8:15am and by the time we finished at the doctor's office and went home to pick up Nannie and Bear, we were running a little late to music class.
Amelia was so excited and happy to be going to music class. It was just what she needed after a boo-boo from the doctor's office. I love how the music leader has tons of different musical instruments that the kids can play with during different songs.Amelia loves to play the instruments!
Amelia always starts out class shy and reserved and by the end of the class she is standing up and shaking her booty to the music. She loved drumming and tapping with her sticks on a decorated coffee can! She even started acting out certain motions this week (freeze, run, jump, wave your arms) and she was so proud of herself!
The teacher is so talented--she plays different instruments each week and then she lets the kids try. The kids got to look at a flute, play a guitar and play a violin over the past three weeks. Barrett loves music class too! He doesn't play the instruments like Amelia but he loves watching the kids play and run around. He's on sensory overload during that time we are's so cute to watch him! 
We have one more week of music class before another class will be on the schedule. I love being able to take Amelia and allows me to participate in fun things even though I work.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Monthly Milestones: 24 Months

Amelia Jean,
It's so surreal to type out two years or 24 months or 104 weeks or 730 days. Where did the time go? Where did our little girl go? We literally blinked and our baby turned into a little girl over night. Even though it was so much fun to go through each milestone/adventure with you and to have all of those memories, the time has gone by painfully fast! Each experience is building you into the woman that you will one day become and I have a feeling that you're going to be pretty amazing. You're going to be a leader, headstrong and very decisive of what you need! You're going to give more than you take, lend a helping hand to anyone in need and always be there for your family and friends! You are going to be FUN, you are going to enjoy life and you aren't going to be scared to be you! You are going to be a light for Jesus, an amazing spirit and a light for all to see!
We love you, baby love!

You're growing so fast that I think it would be fun to write down your milestones and your interests!

Weight: 26.7 pounds (48%)
Height: 35.5 inches (90%)
Head Circumference: 48.2 centimeters (81%)

You are such a great eater! You will try just about any food that is put in front of you before dismissing it as a food that you don't enjoy.Your favorite foods include anything with cheese (mac&cheese, cottage cheese, string cheese), anything with ranch (cucumbers, tomatoes), yogurt, and fruit (clementines, bananas, apples, grapes). You've started requesting to eat things like the adults: burger on a bun without being cut up, whole bananas, yogurt in the container, whole hotdogs (Ekk), drinks out of cups with no lids or straws. You aren't a huge fan of meat but you do like meatballs, sub sandwiches, hotdogs and lunch meat. Thank goodness you enjoy peanut butter, yogurt and different types of soup so you are still are able to get a decent amount of protein throughout the day.

You are wearing size 4 diapers throughout the day and size 5 diapers at night. You have been letting us know when you have to go pee and you'll go on your big girl potty. You love to go throughout the days without clothes on and you know that when you don't have a diaper on, you have to let someone know when you need to go to the bathroom. You've only had one accident but you learned quickly that you need to go potty in the bathroom. You will request your diaper to be put on when you have to use the bathroom so I know that we are close to potty training! This summer will probably be when we work on it.

You're such a petite girl with a big vision of what you want to look like when you wear certain outfits. Your vision and Mommy's vision are usually very different. You have such a long torso and long arms that most of your shirts need to be a 2T so they fit you perfectly. You still wear some 18-24 month shirts but those will soon be packed away. Your jeans are a mixture of sizes. Some of them are 18-24 months and some are 2T. You need the 2T size for length but not for the waist, which is where the 18-24 months sizes come into play. Thank goodness that your Nannie can stitch in the sides for you in some of the bigger pants! You're currently wearing shoes sized 6-7 and you love the shoes (Tommy 2 Squeaky without the squeaker in them) that you can put on by yourself.

You love your sleep! You go to sleep every night around 8pm after our bedtime routine (bath, snack, Sesame Street, brush your teeth, go potty, books and bed) and you'll usually sleep until 6-6:30am. Some days you are up before 5am and other days you'll sleep in until 8am. If you wake up in the middle of the night, then we know something isn't right. You are no longer in a crib-you graduated to a toddler bed before your second birthday and you have done great. You love making these are so proud of yourself for being such a big girl. If your daddy is home, you refuse to have anyone else read to you. You are very set on him going through your bedtime routine with you and he loves the one-on-one time with you.

Here are some other exciting things that you are doing right now:
*You can count to 3    *You can sing your ABCs (up to D)   *You can run and jump   *You like to help unload the dishwasher and count each of the dishes   *You like to help separate laundry and add stain stick to dirty clothes   *You wash your hair and your body in the bath each night   *You can call your Dad from Mommy's cellphone at any time and without any help   *You can put on your pants and your shoes   *You prefer to walk down the stairs while holding on to the handrail   *You like to talk on the phone   *You love to take pictures   *You watch for the trash truck, the mail truck and the school bus   *You love to walk the dogs, both of them   *You try to discipline Barrett when he accidentally grabs your hair or your clothes   *You are using your imagination during playtime
*Help fold laundry   *Love to put on makeup each morning with Mommy   *You know your Mommy's name (Ash-wee) and Daddy's name (Jay)   *You know about 5 colors (red, blue, green, purple, pink)   *You love puzzles   *You can find a ringing phone faster than most adults   *You love to open mail   *You are very opinionated about your hair and your clothing-hair must be bow free!
*You are saying small sentences ( I'll do it, Don't touch, Go B's house, Daddy at work, Daddy doctor, Bear crying)   *You know your name (Mil Jean or sometimes you'll say Mil Mil Jean)   *You have the nicknames Mil, Mil Mil, Baby Love   *You are the best little mom to your babies (Cho and Gabby)   *You are fascinated with cows and barns   *You love to help fix things with tools

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monthly Photo Shoot: Month Four

Barrett had his fourth month pictures taken last month and they came out so cute! He's such a sweet little boy!
Amelia decided that she needed a few pictures with Cho. She was so proud because she posed herself with Cho, the crate and the little wagon.
I love having these pictures to look at each month....they are growing so fast!
These Conway cuties sure do make the days better, so much better! I love them to the moon and back!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Amelia Jean

Our sweet, Amelia Jean, turned two on Sunday. Since she hasn't had her birthday party yet, we knew we needed to make her feel extra special. Her birthday had to get rescheduled...we got 10 inches of snow on the weekend that we originally had it planned and we were bummed (I think I was a little more upset than Amelia or anyone else). We had been talking up her birthday throughout the days leading up to February 23rd. She knew she was turning two, she was having a pawty and she was over the moon with excitement.
The second that she woke up, the Conway house was in full blown birthday mode. We opened presents before breakfast because we're allowed to do that. Birthdays have an awesome way of trumping all the previous set rules or standards. Amelia opened her presents from her her grandparents in California. The rest of her presents are being saved for her party!
She loved her presents!  She got an Elmo flashlight and barnyard UNO and both of them were a huge hit! Once she finished opening presents, she enjoyed some breakfast pancakes that her Daddy made her. She has a book that has a story called "Papa's Making Pancakes" so she thought it was so neat that her daddy was just like the story.
I love this crazy hair, sleepy-eyed little TWO year old!  She was so proud of her pink, glittery candle and she was so excited to blow out her candle after we finished singing Happy Birthday. I'm pretty sure we sang, blew out candles, sang, blew out candles, etc, etc. about 15 times throughout the day! Sister has some good lungs...she blew it out each time!
The rest of the day we ran some birthday errands and we played outside in the 50 degree weather! We ran to the store to get her some cupcakes and some birthday balloons. The last thing I need is the temptation of  yummy cupcakes on my counter top throughout the week so we agreed that we would only get a few cupcakes. Of course, the design that Amelia wanted was not on a few cupcakes. She wanted the 12 cupcakes that were put together to look like a cake and then decorated with Elmo. She picked it up and beamed. I knew that we had found our birthday cupcakes! She wanted to carry the cupcakes to the check out and she wanted to hold the cupcakes and her balloon on the drive home.
Sorry Dad but the Mickey Mouse balloons you wanted her to have got trumped by Elmo. Hope this is okay!
The rest of the day was spent outside! The weather was in the 50s and we made the most of it. Trampoline jumping (birthday present from Mommy, Daddy, Bear and Nannie), water table playing, dog walking and just sitting outside breathing in the warm sun and air were a few things that we did throughout the day.
We even boycotted nap time. When the temperature outside is the in 50s and it's usually in the 20s, nap times can be skipped. We stayed outside through nap time and then as the temperature cooled down and we headed inside, we learned very fast that even two year old girls need naps. Your heart was broken and you made it very known that you wanted to be outside!
We enjoyed a yummy dinner, some hide-n-go-seek with Daddy, UNO with Mommy and Nannie, bath time with Bear and some dancing with Bazzle.
We tried to get a picture with Amelia at 7:06pm, her actual delivery time, but we missed it by a few minutes.
Here is a recap of the past two years on February 23rd at 7:06pm. Our love continues to grow for our little girl!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Amelia!  Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back....and we always will!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Five

Five months ago we weren't sure what the future would look like with another Conway baby but today, five months later, we are in love with the outcome. You definitely have added so much joy and happiness to our family. The love between you and Amelia is amazing to watch. You two share so many laughs and kisses that you're almost inseparable if you are in a room together. You make some of the sweetest, funniest faces and I can't help but laugh at most of them.
We love you to the moon and back, sweet honey bear.

Here are some special highlights for your FIFTH month:

Weight: 16 pounds 11 ounces (61%)
Height: 25.6 inches (56%)
Clothing Size: You're mostly in 6 month clothes. You still have a few 3-6 month sleepers that you can wear but I should be pulling them out of your closet soon.
Diapers: Size 2 Target brand diapers
Feeding: You are still taking the same amount of bottles (6 ounce bottles during the day and 8 ounce bottles before bed and for breakfast) as last month but this month we've introduced rice cereal and some veggies at dinner time.
Hair/Eyes: You have the lightest blond hair, which is still more like peach fuzz, and the brightest blue eyes.
Sleep: You go to bed around 7:30pm and you're usually up around 4/4:30am. You get some warm milk in your belly and you go back to sleep until 6:30/7 or until your sister wakes you up. You usually take a short 30-40 minute nap around 9am, a longer 2-2.5 hour nap at 12pm and a short 30-40 minute nap around 4pm
--You love to hold on and pull up on your feet with your hands.
--You tried food (peas) for the first time on February 4, 2013. You really enjoyed them!
--You love to be tickled on your neck and on your sides.
--You're getting really good at grabbing things and pulling them to you. Your coordination is very impressive!
--You've started boycotting naps, especially the long ones that overlap with your sister. NOT FUN
--You have the nicknames Bear Bear, Honey Bear and Chunk-a-roo
--You love your jumper and you can walk around in your seat to play with all the toys around it.
-- You've tried peas, green beans, avocado, bananas and rice cereal. Your favorite at this point would be the peas and your least favorite would be the bananas.
--You got a new bathtub that allows you to sit up a little easier. You're not a fan of reclining back in the baby tub want to be up where you can see the action.
-- You have a very short temper when it comes to eating or to nap time. You know what you want and you don't like to wait!
--You love touching your hair when you eat your bottles.
--You've gotten to where you can really grab out handfuls of hair..ouch!
--Daddy's beard makes you belly laugh. You love to touch it and to have it rubbed on your cheeks and your neck.
--You like to hold on your lovie (yaya) and you like it to touch your face. Sometimes the yaya gets on your face and you freak out. You haven't figured out how to uncover your face yet and so you get really scared.
--You don't like Mommy to cut your fingernails and toenails but because they grow so fast, they get cut twice a week.

Snowmageddon 2014

This winter has been brutal! The Northeast has gotten hit so hard with the multiple snow storms that have blown across the country, leaving trails of destruction everywhere they go. Last week we were in the path of storm Maximus, Nikia and Quintus. Little did we know what these three storms would bring to Pennsylvania with them!
It started snowing late on Wednesday and continued through Thursday night. We went outside to shovel multiple times (we're kicking ourselves for not investing in a snow blower) and each time, the amount of snow was crazy. It's hard to see the amount of snow but this is what it looked like when we went out for the first time on Thursday morning. Notice the large piles of snow on either side of the sidewalk at the bottom of the driveway...that was from the previous snow storms that hasn't had a chance to melt.

I bought salt for the snow the day before the storm and I didn't read the bag too carefully. I just saw bags of salt and I went for the cheapest option. I didn't buy snow salt, I actually bought water softener salt pellets. The pellets were huge and we weren't sure if they would work but we had no other option. Little did we know but they were awesome at keeping the snow melted down around them and because they were so big, then they were reaching more surface area and keeping it ground a little more clean.
After two hours of shoveling and sweeping the driveway and the sidewalks, here was our end result.

The mailbox was almost covered with snow from the plow trucks and snow from the sidewalk. We had to later go and clean up around it so the mailman could deliver our mail without having to walk it to our front door. We measured about 10 inches in the one storm with
Jason was called off of work and put on the call list. A lot of the surgeries were canceled due to the weather and most of the surgeries were high priority cases or emergencies. He got to stay home with us all day on Thursday and ended up going back to work on Friday. I ended up being off Thursday and Friday.
Friday morning I got out and went to therapy (I hurt my neck a couple of weeks ago) and was shocked to see the parking lot with snow piled up so high. The snow piles were towering over the cars in the parking lot.
We didn't have any snow on Friday and then late Saturday and early Sunday we got another 2 inches, which meant more shoveling. The snow stayed away on Monday and then early Tuesday morning we got another 2 inches, which meant even more shoveling. I think we have close to 20 inches of snow on the ground...ugh! I'm officially tapping out! I'm done with winter and I'm ready for spring and summer.
This week the temperatures are suppose to be in the mid-40s, with the possibility of 50 on Friday. Fingers crossed some of the snow melts without causing major flooding in some of the low-lying areas.
Snowmageddon 2014 has been rough. We are already on the letter Q for winter storms so we can't get too much more without having to restart at the beginning of the alphabet.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

M Is For Music--Part 1

This morning was Amelia's first music class and I think it's safe to say it was a success! She was a little shy and nervous when we first arrived but she warmed up once all the kids started running around and playing. When we first arrived, there were different instruments and hula hoops spread all over the floor. We sat beside a tribal looking drum and that was just what Amelia needed to warm up and to get engaged with the other kids.
Once all the kids arrived, we started singing songs and playing different instruments. We played with cymbals, maracas, drums and sticks throughout the morning and with different songs.
I loved being able to watch her do the hand motions and utter some words during songs that she already knew (Jesus Loves Me, If You're Happy & You Know It, This Little Light of Mine).
In between some of the songs, we would do a fun dancing activity where the kids got to get up and move around a little bit. There was a lot of fun activities but Amelia's favorite was the parachute. She was nervous at first but when she realized I was right behind her, she didn't hesitate to go and hold on to the handle by the blue section. The second the music came on and the parachute started going up and down, the smiles on my girl's face were priceless. She was so excited, so proud and she was having a blast.
At the end of class, everyone passed out their Valentine cards and candies to the other classmates. Amelia was so excited to give her goldfish crackers out (we made printouts for the packages that said You're a catch, You're of-fish-ally mine, Out of all the fish in the sea, I choose you) and she was so excited to go through all of her goodies.
We left our first music class with huge smiles and excitement to return to the next 3 sessions. We were singing in the car some of the fun songs and I loved watching her try some of the hand motions. I love time like this with my girl...she's got an amazing little personality and some smooth dance moves!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Weekend Indoors

Saturday morning we were up bright and early because we had a lot of things on our to-do list. Sams opens at 8am so we were there right when they opened. We love having the whole store to ourselves and Amelia loves to run around. Should I mention that she's in a phase where she feels the need to pick out her own outfits?!
We loaded up on our groceries and even through a few extra things in the cart for Amelia's birthday party this weekend. We hurried home to get everything unloaded and packed away before Ms. Danielle came and took Barrett's monthly pictures. We got some adorable pictures of Bear and in between pictures, Amelia decided to pose Cho. Cho needed some monthly pictures taken too!
We spent the rest of the day Saturday making our favor bags. I knew that I wanted something simple, yet fun for the kids and for Amelia. She loved making the bags (butterflies and caterpillars) with her feet and handprints and she enjoyed filling each bag with fun goodies.
I loved watching Amelia make the favor bags for her party. She was taking such ownership and pride in her bags and she kept telling Nannie that they were for her pawty. She is so excited for her birthday and I love including her in the preparation. She even got one of the leftover party tattoos. She seemed excited but she kept limping through the house acting like she was injured. Note to self...just say NO to temporary tattoos.

Sunday morning we decided to head to church. We missed two weeks due to the flu but now that everyone was healthy, we decided to get back in our routine.Church was great and the kids did so well in their classes. We had a very relaxing rest of the day and we tried to play, clean and enjoy each others company.
This week is busy with things that need to get done before Saturday so I'm glad that we had a nice weekend. Jason was on night call all weekend, which meant he slept during the day. We didn't want to do anything too exciting and fun without daddy so we stayed in and it was much needed!