Friday, February 7, 2014

Announcements And Events

Big Announcements for the Conway Family:
  1. Our house is now the home to the co-chief of Anesthesiology at Penn State. Yesterday morning after grand rounds, Jason learned that he was chosen to represent the anesthesiology department with one other colleague. He's super excited for all the opportunities that the position will entail. We couldn't be more proud and happy for him! His hard work has definitely paid off and it's so wonderful to see!
  2. Interview #1 at Cleveland Clinic went really well. He passed through Pittsburgh on his way through so he was able to spend some time with his family before the actual interview. The hospital was so nice and welcoming! He felt really good about his time there.
  3. Interview #2 at Duke University went really well. He enjoyed dinner last night with some of the current fellows and then today was filled with the more formal part of the interview. He really enjoyed the location and the University. He left the University feeling like he would be a great fit, if he were chosen. 
  4. Interview #3 and #4 are coming up in the upcoming weeks and they are both at really great locations. I'm excited to hear how all about his experience at these different locations. 

Big Events Coming Up for the Conway Family:
  1. Amelia's 2nd birthday party is next weekend. Most of the supplies needed for the party have been purchased, minus the food, and we're excited to get everyone together to celebrate with our sweet girl. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates because we have a special friend that plans on making the drive from Connecticut! 
  2. Amelia's yearly research appointment is in the next week. It's so exciting to see how far Amelia has come from when we started the research project with the hospital. Barrett is now part of the research project so it's fun to look back and compare the two (even though I'm not suppose to compare them..HA)
  3. Barrett will be starting some yummy new foods this weekend and in the upcoming weeks. He's already tried peas and he LOVES them. Next on the list is carrots and sweet potatoes!

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