Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Couldn't Ask For More

  • Ever since we brought Barrett home from the hospital, Amelia has been smitten. She is seriously the best big sister and I love seeing her love for her little brother. She loves for him to lay on her and play with his toys and he loves being so close to his sister. I love how Amelia's little hand is resting on Barrett's back as she is showing him a fun toy. 
  • Saturday morning was Amelia's first professional haircut. We had really been talking up the beauty salon and her hair the day before the appointment and when it came time to leave, sister could hardly contain herself. We didn't know how she would react so she sat on my lap, which meant that I didn't have time (or hands) to get pictures. She LOVED getting her hair done. As soon as we finished, she signed more and wanted to start all over again. She kept asking for more mousse and hairspray...she was so sweet.
  • When we got home from the salon, Jason headed out his first fellowship interview. We sat in the window and waved good-bye until we could no longer see his car. I love how you can see a little bit of Amelia's fluffy curls in the back.
  • Barrett woke up from a nap in his swing the other day. There is nothing sweeter than getting a picture a sleepy-eyed boy smiling...he's the sweetest little man.
  • Cho is still a very important family member and Amelia does a great job of making sure that she is taken care of each day. I had to get a picture of her the other day. Notice the bottle, the books, the blankets and the bug nightlight. She was getting her ready for bedtime (aka..night night) and it was so sweet. Diaper changes and night time routines are a constant thing in our house!
  • I was trying to get a picture with both the kids looking at me and this is what I got...HAHA! Amelia kept telling Barrett to look at Mommy but she forgot that she was suppose to stop pointing and smile at the camera.
  • This picture was the kids the other night before bed. They were resting on Amelia's couch, which Amelia thought was totally awesome, and spending some great brother-sister time together.
  • Call me sentimental but these two are so amazing. They bring so much joy and excitement to our lives and I couldn't ask for anything more.

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