Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Amelia Jean

Our sweet, Amelia Jean, turned two on Sunday. Since she hasn't had her birthday party yet, we knew we needed to make her feel extra special. Her birthday had to get rescheduled...we got 10 inches of snow on the weekend that we originally had it planned and we were bummed (I think I was a little more upset than Amelia or anyone else). We had been talking up her birthday throughout the days leading up to February 23rd. She knew she was turning two, she was having a pawty and she was over the moon with excitement.
The second that she woke up, the Conway house was in full blown birthday mode. We opened presents before breakfast because we're allowed to do that. Birthdays have an awesome way of trumping all the previous set rules or standards. Amelia opened her presents from her her grandparents in California. The rest of her presents are being saved for her party!
She loved her presents!  She got an Elmo flashlight and barnyard UNO and both of them were a huge hit! Once she finished opening presents, she enjoyed some breakfast pancakes that her Daddy made her. She has a book that has a story called "Papa's Making Pancakes" so she thought it was so neat that her daddy was just like the story.
I love this crazy hair, sleepy-eyed little TWO year old!  She was so proud of her pink, glittery candle and she was so excited to blow out her candle after we finished singing Happy Birthday. I'm pretty sure we sang, blew out candles, sang, blew out candles, etc, etc. about 15 times throughout the day! Sister has some good lungs...she blew it out each time!
The rest of the day we ran some birthday errands and we played outside in the 50 degree weather! We ran to the store to get her some cupcakes and some birthday balloons. The last thing I need is the temptation of  yummy cupcakes on my counter top throughout the week so we agreed that we would only get a few cupcakes. Of course, the design that Amelia wanted was not on a few cupcakes. She wanted the 12 cupcakes that were put together to look like a cake and then decorated with Elmo. She picked it up and beamed. I knew that we had found our birthday cupcakes! She wanted to carry the cupcakes to the check out and she wanted to hold the cupcakes and her balloon on the drive home.
Sorry Dad but the Mickey Mouse balloons you wanted her to have got trumped by Elmo. Hope this is okay!
The rest of the day was spent outside! The weather was in the 50s and we made the most of it. Trampoline jumping (birthday present from Mommy, Daddy, Bear and Nannie), water table playing, dog walking and just sitting outside breathing in the warm sun and air were a few things that we did throughout the day.
We even boycotted nap time. When the temperature outside is the in 50s and it's usually in the 20s, nap times can be skipped. We stayed outside through nap time and then as the temperature cooled down and we headed inside, we learned very fast that even two year old girls need naps. Your heart was broken and you made it very known that you wanted to be outside!
We enjoyed a yummy dinner, some hide-n-go-seek with Daddy, UNO with Mommy and Nannie, bath time with Bear and some dancing with Bazzle.
We tried to get a picture with Amelia at 7:06pm, her actual delivery time, but we missed it by a few minutes.
Here is a recap of the past two years on February 23rd at 7:06pm. Our love continues to grow for our little girl!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Amelia!  Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back....and we always will!

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