Thursday, February 27, 2014

M Is For Music: Part 3

Yesterday was a little chaotic. Does anyone else feel like their mornings are so hectic and crazy?!  Trying to get bags together, lunches packed, dressed and out the door on time seems to be a major challenge in our household. I try to do things in the evening before bed but I dropped the ball Tuesday evening!
Regardless, we had a full morning! Amelia had her 2 year check-up at 8:15am and by the time we finished at the doctor's office and went home to pick up Nannie and Bear, we were running a little late to music class.
Amelia was so excited and happy to be going to music class. It was just what she needed after a boo-boo from the doctor's office. I love how the music leader has tons of different musical instruments that the kids can play with during different songs.Amelia loves to play the instruments!
Amelia always starts out class shy and reserved and by the end of the class she is standing up and shaking her booty to the music. She loved drumming and tapping with her sticks on a decorated coffee can! She even started acting out certain motions this week (freeze, run, jump, wave your arms) and she was so proud of herself!
The teacher is so talented--she plays different instruments each week and then she lets the kids try. The kids got to look at a flute, play a guitar and play a violin over the past three weeks. Barrett loves music class too! He doesn't play the instruments like Amelia but he loves watching the kids play and run around. He's on sensory overload during that time we are's so cute to watch him! 
We have one more week of music class before another class will be on the schedule. I love being able to take Amelia and allows me to participate in fun things even though I work.

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