Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Weekend Indoors

Saturday morning we were up bright and early because we had a lot of things on our to-do list. Sams opens at 8am so we were there right when they opened. We love having the whole store to ourselves and Amelia loves to run around. Should I mention that she's in a phase where she feels the need to pick out her own outfits?!
We loaded up on our groceries and even through a few extra things in the cart for Amelia's birthday party this weekend. We hurried home to get everything unloaded and packed away before Ms. Danielle came and took Barrett's monthly pictures. We got some adorable pictures of Bear and in between pictures, Amelia decided to pose Cho. Cho needed some monthly pictures taken too!
We spent the rest of the day Saturday making our favor bags. I knew that I wanted something simple, yet fun for the kids and for Amelia. She loved making the bags (butterflies and caterpillars) with her feet and handprints and she enjoyed filling each bag with fun goodies.
I loved watching Amelia make the favor bags for her party. She was taking such ownership and pride in her bags and she kept telling Nannie that they were for her pawty. She is so excited for her birthday and I love including her in the preparation. She even got one of the leftover party tattoos. She seemed excited but she kept limping through the house acting like she was injured. Note to self...just say NO to temporary tattoos.

Sunday morning we decided to head to church. We missed two weeks due to the flu but now that everyone was healthy, we decided to get back in our routine.Church was great and the kids did so well in their classes. We had a very relaxing rest of the day and we tried to play, clean and enjoy each others company.
This week is busy with things that need to get done before Saturday so I'm glad that we had a nice weekend. Jason was on night call all weekend, which meant he slept during the day. We didn't want to do anything too exciting and fun without daddy so we stayed in and it was much needed!

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