Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day!

The weather channel was calling for some snow to blow through our area. They seriously used the words dusting and 1-3 inches so when it started snowing at midnight on Sunday and didn't stop until 4pm on Monday, we were shocked.
In total, we got around 8 inches of snow and it was the prettiest snow that we've had this year. It was a wet, packable type of snow so it stuck on all the trees and bushes.
Speaking of sticking on things...the snow was so heavy that our back brick wall fell down during the storm. It is so frustrating to look out back and see our wall broken down but we're just thankful that it fell the direction that it did and that no one got hurt.  We're still trying to figure out how the heck to fix it...I'm just bummed that it will be down for Amelia's birthday party in 10 days. Boo!
Because of all the snow, I didn't have to go to work!! Once I found out that I didn't have to go in, we were planning our day full of crafts and playing outside. We spent Barrett's morning nap time outside shoveling, sweeping and building a snowman. There was so much snow that we didn't know where to put it when we got a full shovel. Amelia loved sweeping all the snow...she loves helping out!
We played outside until we couldn't move our fingers in our gloves. The temperature wasn't too cold and there wasn't any wind so we were actually able to stay outside and play during most of Barrett's morning nap. It was so much fun rolling around in the snow and laughing with my girl.
Snow days are the best!  I love getting in some extra time with the kids, especially when it isn't expected.

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