Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014

This winter has been brutal! The Northeast has gotten hit so hard with the multiple snow storms that have blown across the country, leaving trails of destruction everywhere they go. Last week we were in the path of storm Maximus, Nikia and Quintus. Little did we know what these three storms would bring to Pennsylvania with them!
It started snowing late on Wednesday and continued through Thursday night. We went outside to shovel multiple times (we're kicking ourselves for not investing in a snow blower) and each time, the amount of snow was crazy. It's hard to see the amount of snow but this is what it looked like when we went out for the first time on Thursday morning. Notice the large piles of snow on either side of the sidewalk at the bottom of the driveway...that was from the previous snow storms that hasn't had a chance to melt.

I bought salt for the snow the day before the storm and I didn't read the bag too carefully. I just saw bags of salt and I went for the cheapest option. I didn't buy snow salt, I actually bought water softener salt pellets. The pellets were huge and we weren't sure if they would work but we had no other option. Little did we know but they were awesome at keeping the snow melted down around them and because they were so big, then they were reaching more surface area and keeping it ground a little more clean.
After two hours of shoveling and sweeping the driveway and the sidewalks, here was our end result.

The mailbox was almost covered with snow from the plow trucks and snow from the sidewalk. We had to later go and clean up around it so the mailman could deliver our mail without having to walk it to our front door. We measured about 10 inches in the one storm with
Jason was called off of work and put on the call list. A lot of the surgeries were canceled due to the weather and most of the surgeries were high priority cases or emergencies. He got to stay home with us all day on Thursday and ended up going back to work on Friday. I ended up being off Thursday and Friday.
Friday morning I got out and went to therapy (I hurt my neck a couple of weeks ago) and was shocked to see the parking lot with snow piled up so high. The snow piles were towering over the cars in the parking lot.
We didn't have any snow on Friday and then late Saturday and early Sunday we got another 2 inches, which meant more shoveling. The snow stayed away on Monday and then early Tuesday morning we got another 2 inches, which meant even more shoveling. I think we have close to 20 inches of snow on the ground...ugh! I'm officially tapping out! I'm done with winter and I'm ready for spring and summer.
This week the temperatures are suppose to be in the mid-40s, with the possibility of 50 on Friday. Fingers crossed some of the snow melts without causing major flooding in some of the low-lying areas.
Snowmageddon 2014 has been rough. We are already on the letter Q for winter storms so we can't get too much more without having to restart at the beginning of the alphabet.

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