Monday, March 31, 2014

6 Month Checkup

Barrett had his 6 month checkup on Friday!  We bundled up for his 8:45am appointment and we were out the door. It was a crazy morning with dropping Amelia off at school and then making the appointment on time but Bear did great! He enjoyed getting out of the house, regardless of how cold and rainy it was outside.
He weighed 19 pounds and was 26.2 inches. He is growing perfectly on the growth chart. The doctor didn't seemed concerned with his weight or his height...she said he was perfect.
We discussed all the things that he is doing now and was impressed when we told her about him crawling (inching) his way across the living room floor. She even used the word "advanced"...hahaha. We laugh all the time about how "advanced" our kids are so when she used that word, I couldn't help but chuckle.
He finished out his appointment getting two shots but quickly calmed down once he was dressed and in the security of his car seat. We have such a brave and tough little boy!  He always gets knots in his legs so I made sure to give him Tylenol before the appointment so it had time to get in his system.

We were also part of research on antibiotics and for completing a two page questionnaire. I feel like Penn State is always having some sort of research project going on! They gave us a book, in return for participating, that featured some sort of medical condition. We were awarded the following...
After reading through some pages, I decided that we needed another book. Talking about vomit and diarrhea is important so kids are aware when they are sick, but oh my goodness. Lets just say that it was too descriptive!  We exchanged it out for a book on earaches, which is perfect because Amelia has a fear of doctors looking in her ears.

We are shot free for the next 6 months...hip hip hooray!  Our little man is growing so fast and as sad as the appointments are, I love to see that he is doing so great!

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