Monday, March 10, 2014

Amelia's 2nd Birthday Party

The party festivities started early on Saturday morning. The theme for Amelia's second birthday party was The Very Hungry and green were everywhere!
I, initially, wanted to have the party elsewhere but then squashed all those ideas and decided to have it at our house. I'm so glad that we had it at the house because Amelia got to be an active participate in the preparation and it was so sweet to watch.
We made the mini-cupcakes the the round cake before bed on Saturday so they would be ready to add the icing first thing. Amelia helped add cake batter to the cupcake holders and helping Mommy watch for when they were finished baking.
We laid the cupcakes out on white roll paper, added a few legs and a Happy Birthday message and we were good to go. I love, love, love how the cake turned out. So simple, cute and full of love. I love that it was a joint effort to make it...memories were definitely made!
The decorations were pretty simple. We had a balloon caterpillar in our doorway, our beanbag toss game (remember us painting that weeks ago), our homemade favor bags and lots of confetti sprinkled around the house.
The confetti was Amelia's job and she made sure that confetti was everywhere. She made sure that she was the best confetti sprinkler around! She even sprinkled it on the plates that she assigned for each of her friends. She was so excited and so proud of her birthday party. I love that she was involved in her birthday party, even though she caused some extra work for Nannie and Mommy.
She was so excited for her friends to come over that she wanted to sit on the couch by the front window so she could see when they arrived.
Amelia played with all of her friends--she loved showing them all of her toys! Six kids and their families were in the house and it was perfect. The kids all got along, they shared the different toys and they enjoyed themselves.
We saved the cake, the birthday song and the presents for the very end of the party so the kids could really enjoy their time playing! Amelia was so proud and excited to get to blow out another candle but the second that everyone started singing, she got shy.
She hid her face behind her daddy's shoulder and then when the song was over and it was time to blow out the candle, she was all smiles.
We waited until most of the kids were gone before we opened presents but there were a few kids that wanted to stick around to see what presents she got from all of her friends.
Amelia's second birthday party was a huge success. I love that the party was at our house, that she was involved in some of the party details and that she had an amazing time with all of her friends. It's so hard to imagine our little girl being two years old...time goes by too fast for my liking! Happy Birthday, sweet Amelia Jean!

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