Friday, March 7, 2014

Doctor Fun And Doctor Fears

Yesterday after meetings in Philadelphia, I came home to a little girl that needed to go to the doctor. I feel like we live at the doctor's office...this winter has been rough on the kids. Amelia was feeling fine but she had a horrible cough that she couldn't seem to kick. She coughed one night from 7pm-2am and she couldn't get any rest. I called the nurse line and asked for some things that we could do to help the cough subside but realized that we tried everything and it wasn't working. The nurse suggested that we bring Amelia in to the office within 24 hours so we obliged.
She does great at the doctor's office during the evaluation but the second that they want to look in her ears, she flips out. The doctors always see earwax and they always want to go in with their little tool and dig it out. NOT. FUN. 
The doctor said that we could use over the counter cough medicine for her cough but that it ultimately just had to run its course. Hopefully we can stay out of the doctor's office for the next couple of months! 
My mom took this picture of Amelia yesterday playing doctor with one of her stuffed animals. I love to see her playing with her doctor adorable!
Praying my little lady is on the mend that the cough doesn't transfer to Barrett in the hundreds of kisses she gives him each day. Is it spring yet?!

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