Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Go To (The) Pawk, Mommy?

Yesterday on the drive home from Ms. Bs, Amelia immediately started talking about the sun. The sun talk then lead to a request to go to the park.
When it was cold outside and Amelia would ask to go to the park, I would say that we couldn't go because the sun wasn't out and there was too much snow on the ground. Yeah, I didn't think that out too good because now the snow is gone and the sun is out a lot more than it has been.
I couldn't say no to her sweet little request from the backseat of the car.
Pawk, Mommy? Choo Choo Pawk, Mommy? 

We called Nannie and told her to get Bear and herself bundled up and to get ready for some park fun. Amelia talked the rest of the drive home about the park and how the choo choo was loud by the park but it wasn't there right now.
The conversation went something like this...
Choo choo pawk, Mommy?
Yes, would you like to go play for a little bit before dinner?
Yeah! No choo choo? 
No, sweet girl. The choo choo is delivery supplies to other towns. It's gone for now. See, listen
Roll the windows down so she can listen for the train
Choo choo wowed (loud). No choo choo. Bye choo choo (waving her arm to say bye-bye)
Don't worry, Mil. The choo choo isn't scary. We can leave if we hear the train coming. 

She didn't seem to sure of the choo choo park but she wanted to play! We picked up Nannie and Bear and we got to the park. Amelia was a little more hesitant than the previous times but she quickly warmed up when she saw other kids running around. 
Her eyes were on the train tracks most of her time there...she was looking out for that choo choo. Do you see the chain linked fence behind her? The train tracks are right on the other side of the fence so it gets a little loud and crazy when big, long trains come by blaring their horns.
Barrett enjoyed a little time on the swing set. He loves getting outside and enjoy the warmer weather with his sister. How sweet does he look in his fleece outfit and little hat?
We made it about 20 minutes before we heard a train in the distance. Amelia was ready to leave the park the second that she heard the train...she was a little freaked out. We were able to get in the car and get down the road before the loud honking.
I love our evenings at the park...regardless of how long we are there playing! Hurry up spring!

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