Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just A Weekend In March

This weekend was busier that our normal weekends. Jason was on-call (from home), we had a visitor from Pittsburgh (Aunt Diane) and we had to cook and deliver two meals to some friends.
We started out the weekend by a trip to Chocolate World. For whatever reason, Amelia woke up and requested a trip to see the cows. There are singing cows on the chocolate tour!
Barrett loves the ride...there are so many things for him to look at! His head was on a swivel during the 15 minute ride! 
We headed to lunch, dropped off Barrett, Jason and mom for an afternoon nap and then Amelia, myself and Aunt Diane headed to the park. We tried to new park this weekend because the park by our house is super close to the train tracks and the trains have been super busy the past couple of weeks, which means that it gets LOUD!
Amelia seemed to really enjoy the new park! She was exploring all the different slides, swings and tunnels.
We headed back to the house for dinner, baths and bedtime. We tried to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible because it wasn't suppose to stick around for very long.
Sunday was filled with art projects, pizza making and a monthly photo shoot. Amelia loves to make her own pizza and she wanted to show Aunt Diane how good she was at making her signature cheese pizza.
The kids got a quick nap in while I ran a few errands and dropped off some food for a resident's spouse that just had a baby.
Once the errands were over and the kids woke up, it was time for Barrett's monthly photo shoot. The pictures are priceless! Here is a behind the scenes picture...
The kids LOVED this photo shoot more than any others that we've done in the past. Seriously...the smiles couldn't have gotten any bigger! 
We dropped off dinner at a friend's house (their little one just had surgery)! They invited us to stay and eat with them, so we took them up on their offer. The kids loved playing with each other and they seemed to enjoy the lasagna and the brownie sundae bar!
We headed home just in time for baths and bedtime. We had a full weekend and we made sure to enjoy every second of time together and the nice weather.

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