Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Six

You've reached your 1/2 birthday today. I have no idea where the time went...I blinked and now you are 6 months old. You are the sweetest, happiest, most inquisitive little boy. You want to be up and running/crawling through the house! Staying stationary isn't something you enjoy so you've been working hard this month to try and start some forward movement. You're a lover of big boy food and you feel so proud when you do something new. We love watching your eyes twinkle when you learn something new! You're an amazing little boy and we're so blessed. 

Here are some special highlights for your SIXTH month:

Weight: 19 pounds (72%)
Height: 26.2 inches (22%)
Head Circumference: 43.3 cm (44%)
Clothing Size:You are wearing 6 month clothes with a few 6-9 month sleepers. Through the day, I love to put you in a onesie because I love to see your chunky little legs. You prefer to not have anything on your feet because you love to hold on to your toes.
Diapers: Size Two Target brand
Feeding: You've really shown interest in eating solid foods this month. If anyone is eating, you start protesting and demanding a bite. You will only eat vegetables. The fruit makes you gag and it's pretty painful to watch you try and eat anything sweet. Your favorite food is definitely peas and green beans. You are drinking 6oz. bottles throughout the day and they are exclusively formula. Mommy's milk supply dwindled and we had to make the transition. Sleep has been a little rough this month. I think your teeth are bothering you. If your teeth aren't bothering you then you've been able to get a lot of extra cuddles this month.
Hair/Eyes: You have the lightest blond hair, which is still more like peach fuzz, and the brightest blue eyes. You have a small little patch of hair on the crown of your head that often sticks straight up.
Sleep: You go to bed around 8:00pm and you're usually up around 4/4:30am. You get some warm milk in your belly and you go back to sleep until 6:30/7 or until your sister wakes you up. You have started taking a long nap around 9/9:30am and two short naps around 1/1:30pm and 4/4:30pm.
--You have mastered rolling. You can go belly to back or back to belly at any time to reach a toy.
--You love to reach up and grab the mirror and the toys hanging down from the top of your swing.
--You now reach for anything that you can get your hands on (plates on the table, books that your sister is reading, the puppies, etc)
--You like to pet Bazzle while you drink your bottle. Your sister did this too and I LOVE it!
--You chew on your toes.
--You loved music class this month. The kids, the musical instruments and the singing were so entertaining for you.
--You are getting really good at grabbing things and throwing them.
--Had your first park experience! You rode the swings...the smiles were endless.
--You are gnawing on everything! We can see a little white bud on the bottom gum line but nothing has popped through yet.
--You bounce in your jumper on your toes so we've had to cut your nails super short so they don't cut off in your nail bed.
--You want to stand ALL. THE. TIME.
--You have started to rock back and forth while you are on your knees. You're ready to crawl after your sister.
--You have a little white bud on the bottom gum. You are working on getting your first tooth.
--You try to make yourself talk and laugh. It's funny to watch you work on your vocal strength.

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