Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Short Stories--Conway Style

Parenting is rewarding. Some days are so smooth and fun that you don't know why you don't have 10 kids running around the house.
Parenting is hard. Some days are so bumpy that you understand why you don't have 10 kids running around.
Need proof...here are a few things that have happened with the Conway kids over the past couple of days. Enjoy some Conway stories!

-Amelia came home from Ms. Bs yesterday in an Elmo diaper. She normally wears Huggies (Mickey Mouse) and I guess there was a Pampers (Elmo) that accidentally got in her bin. She has been obsessed with Sesame Street here lately so that diaper was pretty awesome and she couldn't stop showing us all the characters that were on her diaper. Fast forward to bath time and the diaper had to go in the trash. She was okay during bath time because she had some bath paint to occupy her but the second she got out and she realized that the diaper she was wearing didn't have Elmo on it, she freaked out. We handled the situation good and we tried to encourage her to get her blanket and read books in the floor. I looked and Jason and asked if he carried her blanket up when he came home (he took it in the car to Ms. Bs) and his face was priceless. The blanket wasn't in her cubby when I went to pick her up so I didn't think that the blanket went inside with Amelia. Well...I was wrong. The blanket was at Ms. Bs house and after some serious searching, Amelia realized that her blanket was missing. Cue the second major freak out in a 10 minute time span.
Daddy came to the rescue and made the drive back to Ms. Bs at 7:15pm to get her blanket and an Elmo diaper. Definitely an interesting night in the Conway house!

-Jason was putting some topical medicine on one of his toes and Amelia happened to walk in to the bathroom at the same time. She was very curious so Jason told her that he had a boo-boo and it needed some medicine. Amelia immediately stopped, folded her hands and bowed her head to pray. Jason said it was the sweetest moment! Our actions (good or bad) are being witnessed and I'm so glad that our little lady knows who to go to when we need healing.

-Bazzle has been taking advantage of his bathroom breaks, especially when the weather is a little nicer than our usual ice cold temperatures. He usually runs out, does his business and is back inside within five minutes. Two times within the last week, Bazzle was let out and we had to go searching for him. The first time, Amelia, let him out (without anyone knowing) and then we didn't know he was outside so we had to go look for him. Yes, you read that correctly. Amelia can unlock and open the door without any help. Cue Mommy freak out! The second time, my mom, let him out and got distracted and about 30 minutes later we had to go searching. Talk about two scarey situations...I was running around the block yelling his name. That dang dog was about 10 houses marking his scent on everything!

-Barrett is now sitting up, tripod style, and his energy and joy is so contagious. He lunges at toys, books, hair and anything else that attracts his attention. Sitting up allows for drool to freely fall from his mouth, which totally grosses out his sister. On more than one occasion, we've had to get on to Amelia for cleaning the dool off of Barrett's face a little to rough. She has such a giving spirit...she is always wanting to help.

-Amelia got a Leap Frog Leap Pad 2 for her birthday and she loves the touch screen and the stylus that comes with it to help with certain games and apps. She also doesn't understand that she needs to be gentle with the stylus when she is playing the games because she could scratch the screen. I try to direct her to use her finger, instead of the stylus, but that only lasts for a little while before she is back to the stylus again. She now says, "No Touch, Mommy!" when I go to help her with her game. Seriously?!

-Every time we get in the car, we blare our Sesame Street CD. Amelia has gotten where she will request certain songs Tappin with Elmo, Trash (I Love Trash), Sunny Day (Theme Song) and it's so cute to watch her to try and sing the words to the different songs. Our car rides are a full-blown Sesame Street concert!

I love being on this parenthood ride, whether it is smooth or bumpy. The memories, the laughs and the tears, the early morning wakeup calls, the late night snuggle sessions have all been part of this crazy journey. Some days are hard and some days are a little easier but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love being a Mommy and I'm so thankful for the two little ones in my life.

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