Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Anniversary Weekend: Year Six

Saturday, April 26th, was our six year wedding anniversary. Six years has brought us through medical school, addresses in three different states, two children and a lot of great experiences and life lessons.
I booked us a fun weekend in Philadelphia for the weekend--we have been wanting to explore the city since we moved to Pennsylvania and we needed a weekend without the kids.
We arrived at our hotel around 3:00pm on Saturday...the view from the 6th floor was amazing. We stayed right beside City Hall, which made for a great view.
We spent the afternoon at the pool/hot tub, napping, reading and just relaxing. We had dinner plans for some friends from work so we had a great afternoon to just lay around and rest. PERFECTION.
We went to dinner at a place called The Tavern, which was located in the basement of an old, historic building down the alley of an alley. We never would have found this restaurant if it weren't for the recommendations of Jennie and Andrew. The winner of the show Chopped on Food Network is the Executive Chef and the food did not disappoint. After a night of great food and conversation, we headed back to the hotel because we wanted to be well rested for Sunday.
We woke up, searched for a double decker bus tour and took in the city during an hour when we were one of the few people on the streets.
Here are some pictures throughout our day:
Reading Terminal Market is a huge farmers market with bakeries, restaurants and shops under one roof. It was full of different sorts of food and it was fun exploring and sampling some different treats. The berry cheesecake crepe and the cannoli were our favorites!
The architecture for the Masonic Temple, churches, office buildings and stores is what makes the city so unique.
So much history has been preserved over the years!
We walked from our hotel to the Art Museum, which was a must see place on our list! The steps on the backside of the museum were the steps that Rocky ran up during one of his movies.
We flagged down a double decker bus at the museum and we were able to enjoy some sites that were a little more spread out around the city.
Betsy Ross' house were the first flag was made was one of the highlights as well as the oldest road in America. The road was constructed in 1703 and people still live in the homes and use the street on a daily basis. 
The bridge that connect Pennsylvania to New Jersey is 1.8 miles long...free to cross but New Jersey charges $5.00 to get back over to Pennsylvania.

The first hospital where surgeries were administered without anesthesia was such a beautiful building. I love how the older buildings were maintained, especially this one!
We got off the bus tour and headed straight for one of the best cheese steak restaurants in the city, Jim's Steaks.
Cheese steak, onions and chiz whiz on a roll...sounds crazy but it was so good! We finished our cheese steak, bought a couple cannoli desserts to take home and loaded up to head back home.
We had a great weekend away! Such an awesome time to talk, reconnect and to get remember the many reasons that we love about each other.
Six years together and we're still excited about the next sixty years!  Happy 6 Year Anniversary!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Amelia's Vocabulary

Amelia will say "Diaper on, Mommy" when she has to go to the bathroom. She wants to make sure that she has on a diaper so she won't get in trouble for having an accident in the house. I think it is time to go into full blown potty training because she knows when she needs to go and she can hold it until she gets a diaper on.

When Amelia wants us to get up for the day (laying in bed awake in NOT acceptable) she will say, "Get up, Mommy. Get up, wight now peese" TRANSLATION: Get up, Mommy. Get up, right now please.

She is in a phase where she is majorly afraid of the train that passes by our house multiple times a day. Every time she hears the train horn in the distance, she starts crying. She usually says "Get outta here, choo choo, wight now" TRANSLATION: Get out of here, choo choo, right now. We tell her to say that or to say "leave right now, choo choo" because we hope that it will help her get over her fear but so far, nothing is working.

"Watch me, (insert name)" is Amelia's favorite sentence right now. She loves having the assurance for a big jump, a sprint down the hall, a well-balanced head stand or a nice throw of a toy across the room. Regardless of what she does, the room is full of cheers and positive encouragement.

Some words that we caught her saying the past weeks:
eye ying (icing)
what's that?
come with me, Mommy
where's Daddy?
you outta here?
swide (slide)
wunning (running)
Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie
bawoon (balloon)
one, two, free, or, ive (one, two, three, four, five)
body parts (knee, eye, hair, nose, ear, lips, teeth, tongue, elbow, shoulder, toes, feet, legs)
colors (boo-blue, wed-red, pink, urple-purple, yellow, orng-orange, white, back-black, geen-green)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five On Friday

{1} We have a dinner tonight at one of the nicest seafood restaurants in Hershey, Devon's Seafood. Jason's department is paying for it and encouraging residents to go listen to a presentation on financial planning. We rarely go out to some of the nicer restaurants, without the kids, so I'm super excited. The heels and the dark denim will be making an appearance tonight.

{2} I've taken two pregnancy tests in the past two weeks because I've been so dang nauseous. They were negative (as I expected)...thank goodness! I think my birth control pills are causing me some issues. I haven't been on this level of hormone for three years and I don't think my body is responding very well. I've put in a call to my OB/GYN doctor for some guidance. UGH...puking is no fun!

{3} Our 6 year anniversary is Saturday and we have a fun getaway planned. I've planned the trip and I don't want him to know any of the details so I'll fill you in after we get back!

{4} I got a call from the dealership's service department on Wednesday letting me know that our car is finally fixed. Four weeks later and the problem was found and fixed...hallelujah. I picked up the car, drove a couple of miles down and road and realized that my drivers side window wasn't working properly. The car is now back in the shop, for the day, so they can see if they can find the issue. 

{5} Over the next week, I will be going through and purging clothing, baby items, toys and household items that we no longer use or need. It's almost yard sale season and I want to be ready to get rid of some things when our subdivision participates in the community yard sale.

Monthly Photo Shoot: Month Six

Since the weather was warmer and Barrett's six month photo shoot was close to Easter, we decided to take the pictures outside and to add a few cute props.
I thought that the kids would enjoy the sweet little chicks...baby chicks are the cutest.
Amelia wasn't a fan of the chicks and Barrett loved them. We had to really watch him because he wanted to grab them and sometimes he would be a little too rough.

Our little man is so dang cute! Each month is getting a little more difficult because he is so mobile and refuses to sit still for a picture. Happy 6 month photo shoot, Bear!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cho's Monthly Pictures

I know I've shared many times how I take monthly pictures of Barrett, complete with his monthly sticker on his onesie and sitting in the same spot.
Pretty adorable, right?! Well, I guess Amelia decided that Cho Baby needed some monthly pictures taken too because this is what I found on my camera.
HAHA...such a sweet surprise to see the multiple pictures on my phone. Cho Baby gets the royal treatment in the Conway house. Happy 7 Month, Cho!

The Nations Capital

After working 12 days straight, Jason had off on Saturday (April 19th) and Sunday (April 20th). Since the weather hasn't been the greatest, we were hoping that we could catch the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Typically the trees bloom early April but they had delayed a bit this year so we were hopeful. Spoiler alert...this post is a very accurate and honest representation of our trip. It wasn't the most enjoyable family experience but I hope that I can look back and laugh in a few months at some of our struggles. You've been warned...HA!
My mom offered to keep the kids so we could go and explore but we thought that it would be a fun outside trip with the family.
Mistake #1
Road trips are so much easier without the kids, just FYI.

After a hectic morning of packing, we crammed into our rental car (yes, our car is still in the shop) and started the drive to Washington D.C.
The drive was a little longer than we originally thought and when we were about 40 miles outside of DC, we googled kid museums in Baltimore. Neither one of our kids enjoys car rides so we were desperate to get to a destination, wherever that may be.
We pushed forward and made it to DC and we were determined to have fun. We wanted to see the cherry blossoms, we wanted to show the kids some historical buildings and we wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather.
Mistake #2 and #3
The cherry blossoms had already fallen off and the trees were green. April 19th is too late in the season, just FYI.
Kids under 3 years old don't really care about historical buildings, just FYI

We started out walking in the parks that connect the Washington Monument and the Capital building. Both the kids loved seeing all the people and watching the different soccer matches in each end of the big open fields.
We weren't even half way up the path and Amelia wanted to walk, Barrett was crying because he was hungry and we started suggesting that we just go back home. Told you...it wasn't a great start to the DC trip.
After a couple of whispered words (some not so nice), we decided to not force the historical buildings on the kids, to break out the kite and the big blanket and to just breathe. Breathing is something that I don't do very well. I prefer to have a structure and a plan but when everyone is miserable because of me and my attitude, I have to change!
Things immediately took a turn for the better once we visited some food trucks, ran/crawled around in the grass and stop trying to plan out the day instead of just letting the day happen. My mom and Barrett made themselves comfortable under a shade tree and we took Amelia to explore a little bit more of the nearby area.
We were exploring for about an hour when Amelia started asking for Barrett so we decided to go find Nannie and Bear. We wanted to explore more but we didn't push the issue. We obliged and we ended up having a great rest of the day. We kicked a ball, flew our kite, played tag, sang songs and made an effort to just enjoy the moment.
After we had enough of the shade tree, we headed back to the car. We stopped at an ice cream truck where we each picked out our own tasty treat. We were walking and without prompting Amelia to share, we saw the following:
 Amelia was sharing her Hello Kitty ice cream with her brother...such a sweet little heart! By the time we made it back to the car, Barrett's face was covered with pink sticky ice cream. He enjoyed every taste of that sweet treat.

Even though we used the National Mall in DC like it was a park instead of a time to explore and sight see, we ended up enjoying the day. Having a weekend off together doesn't happen very often and I'm thankful that we had some time together.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014 was packed full of eggs, candy and cute clothes.
I had Good Friday off (thanks to my job) and we made sure to enjoy the day with some Easter festivities and friends.
Beau came over and we dyed Easter eggs in the floor of the kitchen. The kids loved to see the color change the white eggs into something beautiful but they didn't really get the concept of "only one egg in a cup at a time" or "gentle". I think we ended up with 6 intact eggs by the time we finished and they were beautiful.
Amelia waited for most of the eggs to dry and then she started drawing on them with markers and applying Easter themed stickers. They turned out so cute and original...2 year old projects turn out perfect! I'm pretty sure that she peeled at ate about 3 eggs during the egg dying process. HA!
Later Friday afternoon, the mailman dropped off a package. Uncle Shannon and Aunt Katie sent the kids some Easter goodies. Amelia loves getting mail so seeing her tear into the package to find an adorable little ruffle outfit for herself and two homemade onesies for Barrett made her so excited.
Thank you Aunt Katie for picking out some cute clothes...the kids looked adorable!
Saturday we ventured to DC for the day (that deserves a blog on its own) and Sunday was Easter.
The kids were up bright and early, unfortunately. Barrett had a fever all night accompanied by a nasty cough/cold and Amelia had a bothersome cough that wouldn't go away. The Easter bunny brought them so many fun treats and toys. The Dollar Tree had some great deals and he couldn't resist.
Bubbles and chocolate were the major players in their "buckets". They got buckets and sand toys for their vacation in July, bubbles, pinwheels and candy. Good job, Easter bunny!
We enjoyed a homemade breakfast and decided that we would stay home from church. We really wanted to get to church but with the kids having nasty colds, we figured it was better to stay home. Sidenote: We watched the History Channel most of the morning and they were going over the Bible. SO GOOD!
We had a relaxing day (DC just about killed us) and we started preparing a yummy Easter meal in the afternoon. We have some friends that will be moving this weekend and they have everything packed up. No dishes= No Easter meal. Since they weren't going to enjoy a nice Easter meal (McDonald's is not acceptable), we invited them over to enjoy Easter dinner with us.
The kids loved playing and the adults loved eating...HA!
We made a cobbler for dessert but s'mores sounded so much more fun! Roasting marshmallows on Easter using skewers made for a fun first!
Easter this year wasn't anything like we had expected or planned but yet it was great.
Jesus' resurrection and new life is the reason for an Easter celebration and I feel like it's easy to lose focus. Maybe it's just me but sometimes I put so much pressure on myself and our family to follow tradition and sometimes, actually most times, the expectations that I set don't get met. The only expectation that needs made it that our kids know and understand God's love. God sent his only Son to die on the cross, three days later he rose from the dead and he is alive and well! The rest of the stuff is just extra.

Happy Easter, friends!