Monday, April 28, 2014

Amelia's Vocabulary

Amelia will say "Diaper on, Mommy" when she has to go to the bathroom. She wants to make sure that she has on a diaper so she won't get in trouble for having an accident in the house. I think it is time to go into full blown potty training because she knows when she needs to go and she can hold it until she gets a diaper on.

When Amelia wants us to get up for the day (laying in bed awake in NOT acceptable) she will say, "Get up, Mommy. Get up, wight now peese" TRANSLATION: Get up, Mommy. Get up, right now please.

She is in a phase where she is majorly afraid of the train that passes by our house multiple times a day. Every time she hears the train horn in the distance, she starts crying. She usually says "Get outta here, choo choo, wight now" TRANSLATION: Get out of here, choo choo, right now. We tell her to say that or to say "leave right now, choo choo" because we hope that it will help her get over her fear but so far, nothing is working.

"Watch me, (insert name)" is Amelia's favorite sentence right now. She loves having the assurance for a big jump, a sprint down the hall, a well-balanced head stand or a nice throw of a toy across the room. Regardless of what she does, the room is full of cheers and positive encouragement.

Some words that we caught her saying the past weeks:
eye ying (icing)
what's that?
come with me, Mommy
where's Daddy?
you outta here?
swide (slide)
wunning (running)
Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie
bawoon (balloon)
one, two, free, or, ive (one, two, three, four, five)
body parts (knee, eye, hair, nose, ear, lips, teeth, tongue, elbow, shoulder, toes, feet, legs)
colors (boo-blue, wed-red, pink, urple-purple, yellow, orng-orange, white, back-black, geen-green)

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