Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Anniversary Weekend: Year Six

Saturday, April 26th, was our six year wedding anniversary. Six years has brought us through medical school, addresses in three different states, two children and a lot of great experiences and life lessons.
I booked us a fun weekend in Philadelphia for the weekend--we have been wanting to explore the city since we moved to Pennsylvania and we needed a weekend without the kids.
We arrived at our hotel around 3:00pm on Saturday...the view from the 6th floor was amazing. We stayed right beside City Hall, which made for a great view.
We spent the afternoon at the pool/hot tub, napping, reading and just relaxing. We had dinner plans for some friends from work so we had a great afternoon to just lay around and rest. PERFECTION.
We went to dinner at a place called The Tavern, which was located in the basement of an old, historic building down the alley of an alley. We never would have found this restaurant if it weren't for the recommendations of Jennie and Andrew. The winner of the show Chopped on Food Network is the Executive Chef and the food did not disappoint. After a night of great food and conversation, we headed back to the hotel because we wanted to be well rested for Sunday.
We woke up, searched for a double decker bus tour and took in the city during an hour when we were one of the few people on the streets.
Here are some pictures throughout our day:
Reading Terminal Market is a huge farmers market with bakeries, restaurants and shops under one roof. It was full of different sorts of food and it was fun exploring and sampling some different treats. The berry cheesecake crepe and the cannoli were our favorites!
The architecture for the Masonic Temple, churches, office buildings and stores is what makes the city so unique.
So much history has been preserved over the years!
We walked from our hotel to the Art Museum, which was a must see place on our list! The steps on the backside of the museum were the steps that Rocky ran up during one of his movies.
We flagged down a double decker bus at the museum and we were able to enjoy some sites that were a little more spread out around the city.
Betsy Ross' house were the first flag was made was one of the highlights as well as the oldest road in America. The road was constructed in 1703 and people still live in the homes and use the street on a daily basis. 
The bridge that connect Pennsylvania to New Jersey is 1.8 miles long...free to cross but New Jersey charges $5.00 to get back over to Pennsylvania.

The first hospital where surgeries were administered without anesthesia was such a beautiful building. I love how the older buildings were maintained, especially this one!
We got off the bus tour and headed straight for one of the best cheese steak restaurants in the city, Jim's Steaks.
Cheese steak, onions and chiz whiz on a roll...sounds crazy but it was so good! We finished our cheese steak, bought a couple cannoli desserts to take home and loaded up to head back home.
We had a great weekend away! Such an awesome time to talk, reconnect and to get remember the many reasons that we love about each other.
Six years together and we're still excited about the next sixty years!  Happy 6 Year Anniversary!!

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