Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Disney On Ice

Lacey texted me a couple of weeks ago asking if Amelia would like to go to Disney on Ice with her. Her work was sponsoring one of the Milton Hershey homes and she was gifted a couple of tickets. I knew Amelia would LOVE the show and I knew she would love to go with Ms. Lacey, but didn't know how she would do without Jason or myself with her. The darkness between scene changes, the loud music and unfamiliarity of the center were things that I thought might scare her. Lacey went asking around and she was able to get Amelia and myself a ticket to go and see the Princess and Heroes show at the Giant Center. THANK YOU, LACEY!
Every time a commercial would come on or anytime we would see a billboard for the show, we would really talk it up to Amelia. By the time Saturday rolled around, she was excited and ready for the show.
We had suite tickets with unlimited food and drinks and the view of the ice was awesome! We definitely were spoiled on our first Disney on Ice experience.
 Notice the bracelet?! She opted for two princess bracelets instead of her princess dress and crown. She felt so grown up with her jewelry on!
She waved, constantly, for the first 20 minutes. She loved seeing the different characters dance and sing to some familiar songs.
The end of the show had all the characters come out and circle around Cinderella's carriage while fireworks went off! The show was great and we really enjoyed ourselves. I'm pretty sure Amelia ate 3 chicken tenders, a piece of cheese pizza and a jumbo cookie...sister was in heaven! It was hard to get good pictures of the show because of the lighting but the ones that did turn out get looked at all the time by Amelia. She loves re-living the show and talking through the scenes with everyone.
I loved having some one-on-one time with Amelia and being able to watch her experience new things.

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