Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014 was packed full of eggs, candy and cute clothes.
I had Good Friday off (thanks to my job) and we made sure to enjoy the day with some Easter festivities and friends.
Beau came over and we dyed Easter eggs in the floor of the kitchen. The kids loved to see the color change the white eggs into something beautiful but they didn't really get the concept of "only one egg in a cup at a time" or "gentle". I think we ended up with 6 intact eggs by the time we finished and they were beautiful.
Amelia waited for most of the eggs to dry and then she started drawing on them with markers and applying Easter themed stickers. They turned out so cute and original...2 year old projects turn out perfect! I'm pretty sure that she peeled at ate about 3 eggs during the egg dying process. HA!
Later Friday afternoon, the mailman dropped off a package. Uncle Shannon and Aunt Katie sent the kids some Easter goodies. Amelia loves getting mail so seeing her tear into the package to find an adorable little ruffle outfit for herself and two homemade onesies for Barrett made her so excited.
Thank you Aunt Katie for picking out some cute clothes...the kids looked adorable!
Saturday we ventured to DC for the day (that deserves a blog on its own) and Sunday was Easter.
The kids were up bright and early, unfortunately. Barrett had a fever all night accompanied by a nasty cough/cold and Amelia had a bothersome cough that wouldn't go away. The Easter bunny brought them so many fun treats and toys. The Dollar Tree had some great deals and he couldn't resist.
Bubbles and chocolate were the major players in their "buckets". They got buckets and sand toys for their vacation in July, bubbles, pinwheels and candy. Good job, Easter bunny!
We enjoyed a homemade breakfast and decided that we would stay home from church. We really wanted to get to church but with the kids having nasty colds, we figured it was better to stay home. Sidenote: We watched the History Channel most of the morning and they were going over the Bible. SO GOOD!
We had a relaxing day (DC just about killed us) and we started preparing a yummy Easter meal in the afternoon. We have some friends that will be moving this weekend and they have everything packed up. No dishes= No Easter meal. Since they weren't going to enjoy a nice Easter meal (McDonald's is not acceptable), we invited them over to enjoy Easter dinner with us.
The kids loved playing and the adults loved eating...HA!
We made a cobbler for dessert but s'mores sounded so much more fun! Roasting marshmallows on Easter using skewers made for a fun first!
Easter this year wasn't anything like we had expected or planned but yet it was great.
Jesus' resurrection and new life is the reason for an Easter celebration and I feel like it's easy to lose focus. Maybe it's just me but sometimes I put so much pressure on myself and our family to follow tradition and sometimes, actually most times, the expectations that I set don't get met. The only expectation that needs made it that our kids know and understand God's love. God sent his only Son to die on the cross, three days later he rose from the dead and he is alive and well! The rest of the stuff is just extra.

Happy Easter, friends!

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