Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Festivities

Our church had some fun Easter festivities for the kids and we knew that we didn't want to miss out on the festivities. They had different stations set up around the room--a craft area, hopscotch, sack races, fishing fun and an egg balance.
Amelia picked her outfit by herself...she insisted on the poka dot (polka dot) dress. She looked so adorable running around with the other kids. Barrett loved to watch all the kids participate in the games! He loved to crawl after his crazy sister that was running around like a wild girl!
We also sang a couple of Easter songs...the egg shakers were a major hit! She loved to dance around and be loud during the different songs. We were taught a new song (Jesus: to the tune of BINGO) and anything that has motions and clapping is perfect for our little ones!
Once the singing part was over, it was time to hunt for the Easter eggs. Each kid got to collect 14 eggs, which I thought might be difficult, but after seeing all the eggs in the lobby I knew that she would have no problem! Sister girl is awesome at finding eggs, especially bright colored eggs in the middle of the floor!
She was able to collect her 14 eggs and then help Barrett collect the last 6-7 eggs that he needed to collect to get 14 eggs in his basket.
She was so polite and reserved when we were searching for eggs..she makes me so proud!
The kids got to keep the goodies in the eggs but the eggs needed to stay at the church for future egg hunts. Opening all the eggs was so exciting for Amelia (and Barrett). The candy was Amelia's favorite egg goodie and Barrett preferred to gnaw on the egg!
Amelia was so proud of her basket and all of her goodies that she got from the eggs. Where did my little girl go?! I love that she is getting more comfortable at church and with meeting new friends!
I love to experience these fun events with my little family.

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