Monday, April 14, 2014

Egg Hunting Take 2

We love our subdivision...the people, the location and the fun activities that get planned throughout the year! This weekend was the subdivision-wide Easter egg hunt and we knew that we wanted to go. We had to bring a dozen plastic, goodie filled eggs, we had to hide them on the playground and then we waited for the fun to begin.
Amelia looked so cute with her basket...she was so excited to see so many kids that she forgot that she had to collect eggs.
She eventually started getting into the egg hunt and she was able to find and collect some eggs. She loved opening up all her eggs to find the chocolate, stickers and small prizes. The chocolate was her favorite...she made sure to keep a close eye on her basket and her candy.
Since Amelia is not a fan of taking her picture with costumed characters, we passed on the Easter bunny pictures this year. One of neighbors dressed up as a bunny so I had to get a picture with the kids. As you can tell, Amelia wasn't a fan.
We played on the playground for a little bit afterwards and we tried to enjoy the company with our neighbors and the sunshine.
How big does Barrett look in this picture?!  His sweet little sandals make him look so big and grown up!

I'm pretty sure that most of the chocolate candy was consumed before we made it back home and before lunch was eaten..HA! My girl was determined to savor and enjoy her chocolate! 
Amelia had a lot of fun running through the grass searching for eggs. Next year, Barrett will be competing against her for those chocolate filled eggs! 

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