Friday, April 25, 2014

Five On Friday

{1} We have a dinner tonight at one of the nicest seafood restaurants in Hershey, Devon's Seafood. Jason's department is paying for it and encouraging residents to go listen to a presentation on financial planning. We rarely go out to some of the nicer restaurants, without the kids, so I'm super excited. The heels and the dark denim will be making an appearance tonight.

{2} I've taken two pregnancy tests in the past two weeks because I've been so dang nauseous. They were negative (as I expected)...thank goodness! I think my birth control pills are causing me some issues. I haven't been on this level of hormone for three years and I don't think my body is responding very well. I've put in a call to my OB/GYN doctor for some guidance. UGH...puking is no fun!

{3} Our 6 year anniversary is Saturday and we have a fun getaway planned. I've planned the trip and I don't want him to know any of the details so I'll fill you in after we get back!

{4} I got a call from the dealership's service department on Wednesday letting me know that our car is finally fixed. Four weeks later and the problem was found and fixed...hallelujah. I picked up the car, drove a couple of miles down and road and realized that my drivers side window wasn't working properly. The car is now back in the shop, for the day, so they can see if they can find the issue. 

{5} Over the next week, I will be going through and purging clothing, baby items, toys and household items that we no longer use or need. It's almost yard sale season and I want to be ready to get rid of some things when our subdivision participates in the community yard sale.

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