Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Letters

Dear Back Wall, if you keep swaying in the wind, then we are going to have some serious issues. You were just stood back up after being down all winter...know your place!
Dear Amelia, if you weren't so cute, then you'd be in big trouble. Getting up at 3:00am every morning and banging on your door for someone to come and get you is getting really old!
Dear the Subaru Dealership, please hurry and find out why my car makes a weird noise (after you changed an engine seal) when I start it! I'm thankful that you gave me a loaner car but it has been two weeks and I miss our car.
Dear Spring, where are you? I thought that you had arrived and after a few days this week, I'm not so sure.
Dear Ms. Lacey, thank you for inviting Amelia and myself to watch Disney on Ice. The anticipation for Saturday is definitely building in our house.
Dear Lowe's, can you please hurry and get some vegetable plants? I'm dying to start growing some produce but you don't have any plants in your store right now.
Dear Bazzle and Muzzy, I'm sorry that you don't get the amount of attention that you used to get.
Dear Barrett, you need to stop trying to be a big boy! Crawling from room to room looking for an adventure is part of your daily routine and you are so proud of yourself when you reach something that you've wanted to get.
Dear Unwanted Weight, why do you make it so hard for me to get rid of you? Summer is approaching and I'm breaking my ties ASAP.

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