Friday, April 11, 2014

iPhone Dump

It's that time again...
I have some cute pictures on my phone and I want them to be a part of the blog so I'm going to dump them all in one post.

**Amelia got some cross necklaces in the eggs at the Easter hunt so now each of her babies are sporting some jewelry. The babies from left to right are: Apple, Gabby and Burpy (Don't ask me where she came up with those names!)
**We've had some fun play dates with Beau, her friend that lives down the road. They love the coupe car, the trampoline and the water table. They tend to want the same toy at the exact time..crazy kids!
**This week we celebrated with Jill, one of the girls on my team, with a fun baby shower. We're so excited to meet the little one in late summer.
**Morning snuggles are the sweetest thing to watch! Amelia loves to hug Barrett and Barrett loves to grab her hair!  True love on full display with these two!
**Barrett had an early morning bath, in the sink, as a result of his messy eating habits during breakfast. I think he secretly plans to get covered in his breakfast so he can take a bath. I love seeing that happy face and that sweet little hand helping clean her brother.
**When I leave each morning, I know to stop and look up at Amelia's bedroom window. She stands in her window with her sweet little face peaking over her picture frame and waves to me. I know it is hard to see her in the picture but she is looking over the frame and waving frantically. I don't ever want to forget her excitement...priceless!
**Barrett jumps on his toes when he is in his jumper and as a result, his big toenails break off. Recently, one of the nails broke off a little too deep. It's red and it looks painful, even though he doesn't seem to mind but because of how it looks, Amelia wanted him to have a band-aid. She couldn't quite figure out where to put the band-aid. 

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