Saturday, April 19, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Seven

We had to make a homemade monthly sticker because the other one got misplaced. Never a dull moment in our house!
You have developed a sweet, loving and fun personality this month. You are really starting to interact with everyone, especially Amelia, and it is so much fun to watch. You are a full-time crawler and puller upper (is that even a word). You are determined to reach things that you never would have tried for last month. Baby proofing the house is no easy task with're so adventurous!
Your smile lights up the room, you blue eyes can melt hearts in one second and your hands can grasp onto hair and lose skin faster than one might realize. 
Keep growing big and strong, little honey bear! 
We love you!
Daddy and Mommy
Here are some special highlights for your SEVENTH month:

Weight:19 pounds, 6 ounces (75%)
Height: 27 inches (53%)
Clothing Size: You're still in some 6 month onesies but we've started to pull out some of the 9 month spring/summer clothes and they look so adorable on you! You've also got a few shoes in your collection (size 2) so when we go outside, your feet are covered.
Diapers: Size 3 Target brand diapers
Feeding:You love to eat! You still drink bottles throughout the day but you'd prefer baby food over a bottle any day! You've slowly started enjoying fruits and sweet treats but the veggies are still your favorite. We've also introduced a sippy cup, which you love. I'm not sure how much water you actually swallow but you try your hardest.
Hair/Eyes: Your hair is coming in a little bit thicker and it is still really light blond. Your eyes are still the prettiest shade of blue..piercing blue!
Sleep: You go to bed around 7:30/8:00pm and you're usually up around 5/5:30am. You get some warm milk in your belly and you go back to sleep until 6:30/7 or until your sister wakes you up. You take a long nap around 9/9:30am and a short nap around 3:00pm.
-You started really crawling, instead of inching, through the house on March 31st.
-You are starting to pull up on things. The couch, the swing, your bouncer and our legs are all things that you are pulling up on. April 4th was the first time you pulled up on the couch without having help or support.
-You figured out how to flip over and sleep on your belly. Your first night on your belly was April 5th
- You've started demanding to try food off of our plates. You've tried corn on the cob, garlic biscuits from Red Lobster, guacamole, apple slices, pudding, yogurt, hummus, popsicles and anything else soft enough for you.
-You love to play outside! The water table is one of your favorite things right now and I think it's because you can stand up to play with it!
-Fascination with technology has begun. You love cellphones!
-Pulled up in bed on April 11th and couldn't figure out how to sit down...that was an interesting night
-You have started crawling up to the person that you want to pick you up. Your personality is really starting to show and it's so much fun!
-Tooth #1 popped through on April 16, 2013
-Tooth #2 popped through on April 20, 2013
-You love to play with Amelia's pullout couch, the dog bowl and the front of the dishwasher. You seek these out as soon as you wake up each morning.

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