Tuesday, April 15, 2014


God has blessed my family in so many ways.
I know that if I sat down and started listing out blessings, the list would be long and impressive. I'll spare you  the full list but I do think that today deserves a list of all the great things!

I'm thankful that:
We know that there is hope for tomorrow through HIM, his grace and salvation
We live in a country where we have freedom
We have our health
We have families that support, love and pray for us
We have jobs that allow us to meet all our needs, and most our wants
We have a roof over our head, dependable vehicles and plenty of food in the cabinets
We have two adorable children that make life so exciting
We have two of the cutest pups that love us no matter what
We live in a world with the best technology. Facetime, Email and Skype make long distances between family and friends a little easier
We can see the good and not just the bad, in certain areas
We live a family-friendly town that has a lot of fun things for us to do during our days off

I'm thankful for: 
A husband that works hard for his family and that his primary focus is his family
A job that allows a flexible work schedule so that I can make my family a priority
Bedtime snuggles with the kids that end with them relaxing and falling asleep in our arms
Kind actions towards my family and myself
Amelia's heart-she prays, sings songs about Jesus and retells Bible stories (especially the one where Jesus heals a blind man by rubbing mud in his eyes)
A mom that has such a giving heart, especially with her time
Rain that washes away all the old and makes things appear shiny, new and full of life
Modern medicine that helps my babies get over colds, teeth a little easier and provide relief
A rental car, provided by the dealership, that we can drive while our car is getting worked on
Positive, upbeat music to help make getting ready, cooking and laundry a little more enjoyable

Trying to see the positive and to show my thankfulness for all that we have been given, especially on a day like today. High tonight is 26 and we could get some slushy accumulation on the roadways..UGH!

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