Monday, April 7, 2014

Vacation Week With Missouri Visitors

Jason had his last vacation of his third year (March 30th-April 6th) and he extended an invitation to his Meme and Uncle Ted. Meme practically raised Jason and his brother, Andrew, so he views Meme as his mother. After some major persuasion, Jason talked them into making the journey to Pennsylvania. They arrived on Wednesday and the second that they arrived, the kids were smitten.
Barrett really started crawling this week and I contribute that to the fact that Meme was in the kitchen a lot and he wanted her to hold him so he would crawl to her, pull up on her leg and beg to be held.
I worked all week so I didn't get to spend too much time with them on Thursday and Friday but I made sure make up for it during the evenings and on Saturday and Sunday.
Here are a few pictures of our time together: 
A nightly game of cards...Meme won most of the hands that we played
Amelia flew a kite for the first time! She was so proud that she could keep it in the air!
Amelia tried to help Meme with her walker. She would help pull her along.
My baby looks so big in Ninja Turtle pajamas! I couldn't resist them at the store.
Amelia needed to put on her gardening gloves to help plant some fresh flowers.
We hung some pretty pots from the deck and from the shed...our yard looks so much better with some color!
Meme and Ted left bright and early Monday morning and when the kids woke up, they were searching for them. Amelia asked where Ted was and when we told her that he had to go back home, she wasn't too happy about it.
Our kids thrive when they are with their family and it is so evident! I can't wait until we are closer to family (wherever that might be) so they can have such great influences in their lives.

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