Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

--Saturday morning started bright and early. I had to work at a post-deployment event for military and their families so I was up earlier than I wanted to be! I came out of the shower to see this...Amelia was laying in the floor (she had already waken up for the day but decided she needed to rest up a bit more), Jason sleeping diagonally in the WHOLE bed and Bazzle begging for food. Such a crazy life we live!
--This was my view for 5 hours on Saturday morning. The inside of the Hershey Hotel is amazingly beautiful!
--I got home from work and saw that Jason and his uncle, Dave, were busy fixing our wall that had fallen during an ice storm. It was so cold and rainy but they were determined to get it fixed! It took about 6.5 hours, 20 bags of concrete and multiple metal posts but they finished up shortly before dinner.
--Amelia had a play date with a neighbor friend, Beau. She was patiently waiting for his car to pull in the driveway.
--Sunday we stayed in our pajamas too long and we enjoyed every second of our comfy clothes!
--Dora pajamas were worn all weekend. They were only taken off for baths and for craft time. Amelia was so proud to hold Barrett on her lap. The picture is blurry but her smile is too sweet not to share.
--Sesame Street had to be watched on the portable DVD before bedtime. Both my kids love that show and they use TV time right before bed as a way to wind down. This has become part of our bedtime routine.
--We had projects, work events, and a lot of snuggle time this weekend. Family is coming on Wednesday so we had things that needed to get done before they arrive.

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