Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Working Mama "Skip" Day

Tuesday was a skip day for me....hehe! I took a vacation day on a Tuesday because I needed some downtime. Work has been a little stressful, Jason is on vacation all week, the weather was beautiful and the kids needed some extra snuggles from their mama.
We planned a fun day at Zoo America--a small zoo with just North American animals. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. A major perk to visiting during off season!
The animals were so active and Amelia loved searching the different cages and pens for the different animals.
They had a dark tunnel with nocturnal animals and it was so neat to see the different animals out and active in the darkness! My pictures aren't the greatest because I didn't use my flash.
Barrett enjoyed being outside and watching his sister run around looking for animals. My little man's got the sweetest baby blues and squishy cheeks!
We saw most of the animals...bears, wolves, eagles, porcupines, otters, owls, elk, etc. We seriously couldn't have asked for a better day to explore the zoo. We left the zoo right around nap time so the second the kids got in their car seats, they were out. Success! Isn't it funny how we measure an activity's success by how quickly the kids fall asleep?! Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this!!
After nap time, we headed to the park with Beau. We went to a new park and Amelia loved it! There were so many kids and there was plenty of space for her to run around with her friends.
We finished up the day with some yummy taco salads and nachos and a nice bubble bath.
I had such a great day with the family, especially when they aren't totally planned. A day out of the office with great weather and the kids was the best way to push through the next couple of work days.
Bring on the visitors, the weekend and some warm weather!

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