Wednesday, May 28, 2014


  • I will be participating in my first Color Run 5k this Saturday in Hershey! I'm doing it with some friends and I'm excited to exercise, to get covered in colored dust and to have a morning with the girls. I'm still debating whether or not to take Amelia...thoughts?!
  • Barrett has been on acid reflux medicine since he was 6 weeks old and he's been doing great. Since he's getting older, we thought it might be time to try and take him off his medicine. We stopped the medicine yesterday and today we realized he still needs his medicine. I guess we will try to get him off the medicine when he gets closer to a year old. 
  • We purchased a canopy/gazebo for the back porch. We needed something to keep the sun from making the deck hot and from blocking some of the sunlight from the kids. I go tonight (thanks to Ms. Lacey for letting me borrow her truck) to go and pick it up. Jason is working late so he'll be surprised when he gets home and sees a huge box that needs assembled. 
  • Amelia is going through a phase where the train scares her and unfortunately, the train comes by A LOT! The train track is at the entrance to our subdivision and we live on the back side but you can still hear it when it blows its whistle. We have tried to tell her that the train has to stay on the track, that it is moving animals to the farm and anything else that we think might help but nothing is working. Throughout the day she gets a little uneasy but where we really see her panic is during bedtime. We've had to start a new routine with her because she's not coping so well to the dang train! 
  • Mom is doing great with her role as Nannie and we are loving having her with us! She is such a blessing and so much help with the kids. The kids go to school on Fridays so that is Mom's day for herself. It's not much but it's something and I think she really enjoys a day to do whatever she wants...nothing else! On July 1st, she will have been with us for a year. That seems crazy!
  • I'm 8 days shy of turning 30 and it's not affecting me like I've heard others talk about. I have a work event in Boston the 4th, 5th and 6th (my birthday) and then I have a work event on the 7th. Jason is on call the 7th and the 8th so maybe it doesn't feel like my birthday because our schedules are so crazy and I don't have a day designated to blow out candles and eat cake. 
  • Amelia is doing so good with potty training. She wears panties all day, regardless of what is on the agenda. She has gone almost a full week without having an accident--Ms. B wants her to wear pull-ups when she is there on Fridays and I think that it feels to similar to a diaper and she doesn't speak up and tell Ms. B when she needs to go. When she is at home or running around with us, she does great. I think we make sure that we make her potty training a priority! She went to the circus, grocery shopping, ice cream date....ACCIDENT FREE! She wears pull-ups during naps and bedtime but most of the time she wakes up dry. She is doing so good!!  
  • June 16th is Match Day for Jason's anesthesia fellowship. We are so excited to find out what God has in store for our family! 
  • My work has been a little crazy. My team of 4 has dwindled down to 2, soon to be 1 as a result of a termination, a promotion and maternity leave. The amount of work that I have accrued over the past two months has significantly increased, as well as the stress level. I have hired a few more people and hopefully by the end of the month, things start to calm down a little.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monthly Photo Shoot: Month Eight

These are some of my favorite pictures to date! I love the wooden structure backdrop and how the kids are interacting! My heart is so full of love and joy with these two little Conway cuties!
The past eight months have gone by so quickly that I'm so thankful I have these pictures to look back on and remember each stage of Barrett's first year (and Amelia's second year).

Memorial Day Weekend

Since Monday was Memorial Day weekend, I had a three day weekend!  Hallelujah!! 
We started out each morning with a walk...our morning walks have become part of our routine that is a necessity for a good day!
A few mornings we stopped by the park before heading back home. Amelia begs to go to the park and then realizes how close the train tracks are to the playground and has a panic attack. Sidenote: Amelia is still terrified of the train. It's too loud and she thinks it's going to come off the tracks to get her. They are both in their pajamas...don't judge!  Look at their faces...Amelia is crying because she is scared that the train is going to come by and Barrett is smiling because he loves to swing.
We visited Cocoa Castle on Sunday, which is an old historic playground made out of wood in Hershey. Barrett fell asleep on the drive so he stayed in the car with Nannie while Amelia and I had some one-on-one time at the park.
We chased each other around, went down some super fast slides and had to pull wood chips out of our sandals WAY too many times.

We also spent a lot of time this weekend in the pool. Any time we were home and didn't have an errand scheduled, we were hanging outside by the blow-up pool. We have two kids that love to be outside and that love to be in the water!!
They are constantly begging to go outside on the deck so they can splash in their water table and get in their pool. The sun was a little intense this weekend...Barrett needs sunglasses that he can't pull off.
Sidenote: We are looking into getting a canopy to cover the back deck so the kids can go out without burning their feet on the food and getting too much sun for their delicate skin.

Our weekend, plus one, ended with a great nap for everyone, a grilled dinner and an evening walk!
It was so great to get some extra time with the kids and Jason--he was off Monday.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Lions, Tigers and Elephants...OH MY!

The Ringling Brothers: Barnum & Bailey circus came to town last week. We weren't going to go because I didn't think the kids would sit still for the show and because Jason was on call and wouldn't get to experience it with us but at the last second, we bought tickets.
Every commercial that came on TV made our excitement for the event grow!
Saturday morning came and we started off the day getting ready for a fun day! Green pancakes with sprinkles...both kids LOVED them!
The circus was at the Giant Center so it was close to home. We stopped for a quick lunch on the way there so we wouldn't be tempted to buy the $8 hotdog. We made it to the circus at the perfect time. By the time we found our seats, the pre-show was out and getting everyone settled in before the actual event started. They had clowns doing all sorts of tricks so the kids were entertained and excited with all of their bright colors
The show was amazing! Neither one of the kids was scared of the darkness, the fireworks, the loud music or anything else that we thought might make them a little nervous.
The show had everything that you would think a circus would have...lions, tigers, horses, elephants and so many talented performers.
The lions and tigers had a few moments were it looked like the trainer was going to get brutally attacked but he was eventually able to gain control of Princess, the rowdy and rebellious lion. 
The show started at 11:30am, which we thought would be perfect. The kids usually nap around 1:00pm so we thought they would fall asleep after the show. Well, about ten minutes before intermission, both kids were sounds asleep. I guess the bright lights, the loud music and the fireworks lulled them to sleep...HA!
FYI: Barrett was in the Bjorn so that's why he is laying a little weird on my chest.
They both woke up shortly after intermission ended and the trapeze artist came out. We finished out the second half of the show with some popcorn and a sno-cone. Not going to lie...I tried anything to get Amelia to stay awake. I didn't want her to miss the horses or the elephants.
We had so much fun at the circus!! Such fun memories with the little ones!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

She's Doing It!

After another success on the potty this morning (she was dry all night), she added her 10th, and final, sticker to fill up her sticker chart.
After 10 stickers, then Amelia gets to have an ice cream date at a frozen yogurt or ice cream specialty shop. She gets to pick the place for her ice cream...sprinkles HAVE to be on the menu!
This weekend we will make a special ice cream stop to reward her effort! We couldn't be more happy with Amelia's potty training progress! It's so much fun to watch her work hard to meet her goals.
Our little baby girl is slowly morphing into a little lady! Great job, Mil Mil Jean!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I love starting off the morning outside on a walk!
Walks are good for everyone and pups included. 

I love seeing cute footie pajamas next to shoes that were put on by a 2-year old
Independence is good for everyone involved...tears and fits included. 
I love spending my morning, rushed, rambunctious or relaxed, with the kids!
Morning with the kids is good...makes me thankful for my cute responsibilities

I love making memories!
Memories are what I live's the journey, not the destination.

Potty Training Time

Amelia has been showing interest in her small Minnie Mouse potty for awhile but she would lose interest after a couple successful days.
We woke up on Monday,  May 12th and decided that it was a perfect day to make the permanent switch from diapers to big girl panties.
I read up online about setting timers and frequent reminders so Amelia wouldn't have to do to much "thinking" in the beginning. She would go into the bathroom when the timer would go off and she would go, or try to go, every 40-45 minutes.

Monday afternoon she ran her first errand with Nannie in her big girl diaper!
Tuesday she had a play date with her friends Penny and Henry and she had a couple of accidents. She was able to stop herself though and finish on her potty. Day two of potty training should not have been playing at a friends house BUT it was AND she did great!
Wednesday and Thursday she stayed home and had no accidents.
Friday she went to school and had to wear Pull-ups and she forgot all that she had learned. I think the Pull-ups felt too similar to a diaper and she  reverted back to her old ways.
Saturday and Sunday she was diaper and accident free!

We are starting week two and determined to make each day better than the last. It's a process, just like anything. We all have setbacks but learning from those setbacks and moving forward is the end goal!

We have a reward system for her for each time she goes on the potty. She gets to add a sticker to her ice cream chart (ten stickers=ice cream date) and she gets to pull a penny from the bowl to add to her money bank.

She wakes up from a nap (she still uses a diaper at nap/bed time) and requests a new pair of panties. We have multiple styles: Elmo, Hello Kitty, neon stripes and Disney princesses.

Keep up the good work, Amelia Jean!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Yard Sales and Ice Cream

This weekend didn't start off jammed packed with activities but after a few last minute add-ons, our weekend became crazy.
Saturday morning was our community wide yard sale. I usually have some clothes to sell but this year, I put out a lot of the baby things and a lot of our bigger toys. We have about a year until we move and we won't be able to take everything with us, so it was time to purge.
I didn't touch the yard sale items until 5:00am Saturday morning and somehow by the time that the 7:00am opening time arrived, I had everything separated out and priced. I thought I was doing pretty good until a little girl named Amelia woke up and saw all the stuff that I was selling. She was in heaven! She forgot all about the cools toys that she doesn't play with...
She convinced me that the dollhouse needed to stay a few more months. I love seeing her imagination when she plays with her dolls and those sweet words "pweese mommy" so I gave in and we kept the doll house.
There was a house down the street that was selling boys and girls clothes (size newborn to 6T)--mint condition clothing! I left mom with our stuff and went and found some great deals. Needless to say, the kids are pretty set on clothing for the next couple of sizes.
We closed down the yard sale right at 11am because we had a meeting with Ms. Danielle. We sold all the big stuff--the clothes were all taken to a consignment shop/Goodwill and some things were put out on the curb with a homemade Free sign. 
We met Ms. Danielle at a nearby park, Cocoa Castle, for Barrett's 8 month photo shoot. 
Danielle sent me a sneak peek of some of the is my little man's color!
We came home just in time for lunch and nap. We woke up from nap and headed on an ice cream date to celebrate! Amelia has been in panties for a week....diapers on only during bedtime. Only a few accidents but she is doing great. We run errands, go grocery shopping, go to the park, have play dates, etc and she is getting really good at letting me know when she needs to go to the bathroom.
We walked to the center of town and picked out our favorite flavors...cotton candy for Amelia and butter pecan for Mommy. I'm glad we walked because I needed to burn off some of those calories!

Sunday we celebrated Barrett's 8 month birthday, organized all the clothes that I purchased on Saturday and tried to relax as much as we could. Saturday was exhausting so we were all ready for a nap when noon rolled around!
Jason had an ultrasound workshop all weekend and it was out a little early on Sunday so we took a stroll around the block. Amelia insisted on wearing her swimsuit while pushing Cho in her doll stroller.
We grilled out for dinner, blew some orange scented bubbles, splashed in the water table and before we knew it, it was time for our bedtime routine.
We survived another week/weekend. The time seems to fly by--we have less than a month until we find out where the Conway family will be moving!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Eight

We are only a few weeks away from you being in our arms longer than you were in Mommy's belly. Where does the time go?! You are the happiest little boy. You love to grin and can light up a room with only one smile on your face. 
You are so adventurous and you love keeping up with your sister when she is playing and running through the house. You are a pretty quick crawler but you still get frustrated when you can't keep up with her. 
You are the best! I couldn't have asked for a better little boy for our family!
We love you!
Here are some special highlights for your EIGHTH month:

Weight: 19.8 pounds (71%)
Height: 27.6 inches (61%)
Clothing Size: You are wearing 9-12 month clothing, with a few 6 month onesies sprinkled in the closet. Anything that I buy that is summer and can be worn into early fall is a 12 month. The 12 month clothing is still a little big on you but after it gets dried and after a few months pass by, then the 12 months will fit perfectly. Sigh
Diapers: Huggies size 4 diapers: Amelia is no longer wearing diapers so you got all of your sister's diapers. They are a little bit big but they work!
Feeding:You've started feeding yourself this month. Mum Mums are soft, easy to dissolve rice cakes that are flavored like bananas and veggies. You love these because you feel so big eating them by yourself. You eat anything that we will give you off of our plates...french toast, eggs, pudding, fruit, potatoes, noodles, rice, soft veggies and anything else soft enough for you to munch on with your two teeth.
Hair/Eyes: You have the prettiest, clearest blue eyes. I have a feeling that they will stay blue and you'll take after your Daddy. Your hair is so light. Nannie says that you're going to be a little cotton top! Cotton top and blue adorable!
Sleep:We had to sleep train you again this month because teething and a stuffy nose got you (and us) out of your normal sleeping habits. You have figured out how to pull yourself up to standing and getting you back down and asleep in a comfortable position has been difficult. You're learning but it's a slow process. You will usually flip over at night and you'll sleep on your stomach. Nap time is in your crib now. You still take 1-2 naps a day but the length varies!
-You have started clapping when we sing certain songs to you.
-You love going to library time every Tuesday. The stories, the songs and the kids make you so happy
-Your first day of school was May 16, 2014
-Slept with a music machine on the side of your bed on April 30, 2014. You love music and you struggle with sleeping on your belly, crawling and standing up right now so we are hoping this helps soothe you. We only used it one night and took out the machine. The light woke up you and you were too distracted.
-The bath is your happy place. You love to put your head under the faucet and/or splash in the water so that you and everyone around you is soaked.
- You can walk behind a push toy (Amelia's doll stroller) from the living room into the kitchen.
-You are a super quick crawler and you'll follow anyone to the back bedrooms.
-You love to be outside, you love to be held and you love your bath time.
-Visited the salt spa for the first time (it did wonders for your congestion)
-You hold your own bottle and sippy cup.
-You are getting so vocal. You still haven't said dada or mama but you say oooo and ahhhh all the time. You are learning to make sounds and you are putting your voice to use.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Barrett's First Day Of School

Today, May 16th 2014, was Barrett's first day of school. We've been excited and nervous for this day but it has finally come. Amelia was excited that Bear would be at school with her...she loves school.
I had to take this picture of the kids on the drive to school this morning! It's not very often that I have both of the kids in the car without Jason or had to be documented!
Amelia is laughing because Barrett is holding on because Mommy is a crazy driver. She's at such a fun age!
Amelia also decided that she needed to take some pictures of Bear and of Daddy's work...she's a natural behind the camera.
It was pouring down rain this morning and it was a struggle to get both kids inside. I took Barrett under the safety of the front porch before I got out Amelia and their huge bag or goodies that they need to get through the day. Once we got inside, the kids made themselves comfy in no time.
Barrett didn't waste any time getting comfortable with the girls (he is one of 3 boys in a sea of girls). He was exploring all the toys and the different areas in the play room.
He also realized that breakfast was being served so he crawled over to Ms. B and begged to get in the highchair.
I kept saying bye without actually making myself leave the room. Both my kids were experiencing Barrett's first day at school and neither one of them seemed concerned that I was leaving for work. They were comfortable and excited to start the day!
I'm excited to go and pick them up to learn about the day and how much fun they had!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Morning Walks

Morning walks are back to being part of our routine! Everyone loves to get out, the pups included, and get in some fresh air before the day really gets going.
Amelia has been wanting to ride in her pink stroller so Barrett has been getting the single stroller to himself. I think his smile shows that he is a fan!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I love being a mom! It's something that I always dreamed about when I was younger. I didn't dream about the sleepless nights or the stress that will accompany when a child is sick but I did dream about my ability to love another little person with all my mind, heart and being. My dreams were totally surpassed when I had Amelia and Barrett.
I love being a mom and I love that we get a special day just for us!
I woke up Sunday morning with tons of homemade presents and fresh flowers. The homemade presents were opened on Saturday (Amelia was too excited to show them off) but I really got to exam them again on Sunday morning. The fresh flowers were from Jason after his trip away! For some reason, I only took a few pictures. I also got some adorable flower cards, a frame and an adorable picture!
We spent our morning home--Barrett wasn't well enough to go to the nursery at church. The kids played in their bean box, we ate cinnamon rolls and we took a walk around the block.
We headed to lunch and then to the park after we had our bellies full. Amelia tried the big girl swing for the first time...she was so cute!
Barrett loves to swing too. He literally had the biggest smile on his face the whole time that he was swinging.

We came back home just in time for a nap! The kids napped for 3 HOURS and I got in some great snuggle time with my littlest love. I loved examining his eyelashes, his sweet little lips and touching his soft cheeks.
We all rolled out of bed by 4:00pm, just in time for some play time on the back porch. The kids love being outside--they could seriously live outside!
I had one of the best weekends with my little loves and I couldn't have asked for better gifts from the kids. Homemade presents are better than anything else...definitely make this Mama's heart happy!