Friday, May 2, 2014

A Day In The Life

I loathe capturing moments and times throughout the day for "A day in the life" post but I love looking back and seeing how different our days are now compared to how they used to be.
The pain is definitely worth it in this instance!
May 1, 2014: Amelia is 26 months, Barrett is 7 months

12:30am--Amelia is wailing from her room and begging for her Daddy to hold her. Jason is scheduled late tonight so I go and get sister so he can continue sleeping. Once I get in her room, I discover that her diaper was on crooked so the bed, her clothes and her blankets were soaked with pee. I had to change her diaper, her clothes and get her bed dry so she could go back to sleep. She didn't want me but eventually gave up when she realized that her Daddy was sleeping. I rubbed her back and played with her hair until she fell back asleep.
12:45am--Went back to bed
1:11am--Barrett woke up. We are sleeping training again because a month of a cold and of teething got him all out of sorts.
2:11am--Last time I looked at the clock before going back to sleep.
4:45am--Amelia walks in our room asking Where's Daddy? She's never awake this early so she's going to be a bear! Have I mentioned that she is a complete Daddy's girl?! She lays down beside us and whines and flops around trying to get comfortable.
5:10am--Jason's alarm goes off
5:15am--Jason is in the shower, Amelia follows him to brush her teeth and I stay tucked in bed with the covers pulled up over my face so I can shield my eyes from the light
5:38am--Barrett is awake for the day. I get out of bed for the day and struggle to keep my eyes open. Mom changes Barrett's diaper and feeds him a bottle while I get Amelia a glass of chocolate milk.
5:40am--Jason leaves for the day.
5:40am-6:22am--I make the bed, toss the dirty clothes and sheets to the basement, hang up the clean laundry, wash the dishes that were in the sink and pack my lunch (microwaveable meal, some Mio grape drops for my water and a bag of 100 calorie popcorn).
6:40am--Make breakfast. Oatmeal, muffins, cottage cheese (Amelia's request) and some pudding/fruit mixture for Barrett. Barrett plays in the refrigerator and Amelia gets Cho baby some fresh water.
6:50am--Breakfast time. We all sit down at the table for breakfast.Amelia eats her cottage cheese and demands some bites off of my plate.
7:00am-7:30am--We play in the living room, watch the Today Show and we try to get a side profile picture of Barrett. I need one to complete a project for the hallway.
7:30am-8:00am--Mom brings up the vacuum cleaner to we can clean up a mess that the dogs made. Dry mac n cheese with the powder cheese does not like to come out of the carpet very well without the help of a vacuum cleaner. We vacuumed the living room, moved the baby swing out of the room (Barrett no longer uses it), vacuumed the kitchen and organized some toys. I realize that it is now 8:00am and I am still in my pjs...I panic.
8:01am--Start getting ready for work
8:09am--Amelia knocks over a kitchen chair and she has a brand new ouchie on the side of her head
8:25am--Amelia runs into the corner wall in the hall because she is trying to out run Nannie with some scrapbook paper.
8:25am-8:30am--Hold and console Amelia with ouchie #2, which is almost in the same place as ouchie #1.
8:35am--Leave for work (I'm about 15 minutes behind schedule)
8:50am--Arrive at work
10:45am--Needed a little break at work so I got a refill on my water, grabbed a snack and did a quick walk around the office.
11:00am--Meeting on procedure.
11:45am--Ended the meeting and heard that there was some flooding in Philadelphia and certain areas of Hershey, so I went online to see pictures.
12:00pm--Warmed up my lunch and decided to eat lunch in my office. I'm feeling a little under the weather and sitting with colleagues and talking over lunch seemed a little too much.
12:20pm--Back to work. Lunch wasn't the greatest (I really wanted a bowl of Panera soup) so I ate my microwaveable meal and got right back to work. If I didn't hurry back to work, then I probably would have talked myself into leaving work to go to Panera.
1:28pm--Texted with mom to see if the kids are napping. For some reason both the kids like to boycott sleep and I like to check in to make sure they are getting some rest.
1:45pm--Went searching online for some birthday gifts. After a 10 minute break, I now can cross off three birthdays on my to-do list!
2:04pm--Felt sick (nauseous) so I went and bought a Diet Coke out of the vending machine. I've changed birth control pills three times since delivering and they are really messing with me. I'm hoping today is just because of sinus pressure but I guess we'll see how the rest of the week goes.
4:45pm--Left work. 
5:08pm--Made it home. Immediately changed out of work clothes and into comfy clothes that I could walk around the block in. 
5:15pm--Walk downstairs and out to the garage to load up the kids in the stroller and to hook the pups up to their leashes. I made sure to have the boys on their leashes before opening the garage door. Good thing there was a neighbor out with her dog. Barks were shared between our pups.
5:15pm--Started walking around the block.
5:45pm--Turned right, instead of left, at the end of the walk so we could enjoy the park before dinner. The swings were the first stop!
6:00pm--Beau's mom called to see if we wanted to play. We loaded back up in the stroller and met Beau at the house so the kids could play. 
6:00pm-6:30pm--Played outside until it started to sprinkle and then we moved the festivities to indoors. 
6:30pm--Beau left and we heated up dinner. Nannie made dinner early so all we had to do was microwave it...thank The Lord! Dinner was meatballs, corn and macaroni and cheese. 
6:40pm--Barrett couldn't take any more dinner.  He was beyond ready for his bedtime routine. Amelia didn't want a bath so Nannie gave Barrett a bath while I snuggled on Amelia. 
6:42pm--Took Amelia's temperature (99.8) and notice that she is starting to lose energy. 
6:56pm--Barrett is out of the bath. We doctor up his little bottom. (He has a little rash). I fix him a 4oz. bottle and he drinks about half before he's sound asleep.  
7:00pm--Put Barrett to bed.  Make sure his windows are locked and his fan isn't blowing directly on him. He immediately goes to sleep, thank goodness!
7:08pm--Realize that Sesame Street is on and we missed the opening song. Dang!  
7:08pm-8:00pm--Doze on and off with Amelia. She definitely has a fever so I give her some medicine before her bedtime routine. 
8:00pm--Potty, teeth and pajamas are all done and we settle into the chair for a book. No book tonight. Amelia just wants to be held. 
8:30pm--Amelia is asleep. Lay her down and double check that her windows are locked. She still feels warm but she is exhausted and full of medicine so I hope for a good night.
8:38pm--Still no word from Jason. Send him a text before I start my bedtime routine. 
8:50pm--Remove makeup, wash face and brush teeth. Realize that it's early and I'm counting down the minutes until I can get in bed. 
10:06pm--Get a text from Jason saying he's on his way home. I try to stay awake until he gets home but find myself dosing off with each word I read in my book. I'm reading "Feathers for my Nest" by Beth Moore. Such a good and inspiring book about being a mom. 
10:20pm--Jason gets home and grabs some dinner. Meatballs with chips and salsa. I am awake long enough to give him a kiss and roll over. 
12:20am--Amelia comes into our room burning up. Her fever is 102 and she says she has an ouchie. Not sure what hurts but I get her medicine and something cool to drink and we lay down to get some rest.

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