Friday, May 16, 2014

Barrett's First Day Of School

Today, May 16th 2014, was Barrett's first day of school. We've been excited and nervous for this day but it has finally come. Amelia was excited that Bear would be at school with her...she loves school.
I had to take this picture of the kids on the drive to school this morning! It's not very often that I have both of the kids in the car without Jason or had to be documented!
Amelia is laughing because Barrett is holding on because Mommy is a crazy driver. She's at such a fun age!
Amelia also decided that she needed to take some pictures of Bear and of Daddy's work...she's a natural behind the camera.
It was pouring down rain this morning and it was a struggle to get both kids inside. I took Barrett under the safety of the front porch before I got out Amelia and their huge bag or goodies that they need to get through the day. Once we got inside, the kids made themselves comfy in no time.
Barrett didn't waste any time getting comfortable with the girls (he is one of 3 boys in a sea of girls). He was exploring all the toys and the different areas in the play room.
He also realized that breakfast was being served so he crawled over to Ms. B and begged to get in the highchair.
I kept saying bye without actually making myself leave the room. Both my kids were experiencing Barrett's first day at school and neither one of them seemed concerned that I was leaving for work. They were comfortable and excited to start the day!
I'm excited to go and pick them up to learn about the day and how much fun they had!!

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